Violet Devereaux
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Violet Devereaux (Character)
from The Skeleton Key (2005)

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The Skeleton Key (2005)
Violet Devereaux: We've been waiting for you, Caroline.

Violet Devereaux: Child, I believe you broke my legs.

Caroline Ellis: I saw the room.
Violet Devereaux: What room?
Caroline Ellis: The room you said you've never seen

Violet Devereaux: Are you religious at all?
Caroline Ellis: I try to keep an open mind.

Violet Devereaux: I bet they don't have gardens like this is New Jersey.
Caroline Ellis: Actually, it's "The Garden State".
Violet Devereaux: I very much doubt that!

Violet Devereaux: You can't get away, Caroline!

Violet Devereaux: You think I'm senile, don't you?
Caroline Ellis: I just don't understand. Why would the ghosts put a spell on Ben and not me? I've been in that room too.
Violet Devereaux: Maybe because you don't believe them.

Violet Devereaux: You're not from the south. You wouldn't understand. That room up there?
Violet Devereaux: You don't just go in there and throw things out of a room like that. You leave them just where you found them. The house is theirs just as much as ours.
Caroline Ellis: The house is whose? Whose things are in that room?

Caroline Ellis: I thought the key opens everything.
Violet Devereaux: The key? What key?
Caroline Ellis: The key you gave me for the house. There is a door in the attic it doesn't work for.
Violet Devereaux: Oh, the attic, it's never opened that.

Caroline Ellis: I'm going into town for a while. Shopping.
Violet Devereaux: For what, Caroline? Caroline! For what?
Caroline Ellis:'ll just have to see.

Caroline Ellis: So was that the storm or the ghosts?
Violet Devereaux: Well, say what you will about spirits, I always thought you could learn something from them.
Caroline Ellis: Like a spell? I have great respect for your husband. And whatever he thinks happened to him he's fighting it. What have you done?
Violet Devereaux: You haven't touched your gumbo.
Caroline Ellis: What have you done to him?
Violet Devereaux: I've made that special for you and you haven't even touched it.
Caroline Ellis: What have you done?
Violet Devereaux: He is my husband and I am his wife I will do whatever I want to him.
Caroline Ellis: What have you done to him?
Violet Devereaux: Oh, you've done something.
Caroline Ellis: He's not safe in this house; not with you.
Violet Devereaux: This is my house.
Caroline Ellis: I'm taking him, Violet.
Violet Devereaux: NO!

[from trailer]
Violet Devereaux: I warned you about the mirrors.

[repeated line when looking for Caroline]
Violet Devereaux: Where in damnation is that child?

Violet Devereaux: [to Caroline Ellis] I told you and you heard me, no mirrors.

Violet Devereaux: [to Caroline Ellis] You think too much about the time you have left- You don't spend it living.

[after extracting Luke's whereabouts from a terrified Caroline]
Violet Devereaux: [to Luke] Don't scratch her up any more than she already is.