Luke Marshall
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Luke Marshall (Character)
from The Skeleton Key (2005)

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The Skeleton Key (2005)
[from trailer]
Luke: Good night, child.

Caroline Ellis: I told you I wanted a black one this time.
Luke: You know the black ones never stay. Beggars can't be choosers. I think it suits you beautifully. It's better than Violet or Grace, even. We'll get used to it. We always do.

[last lines]
Luke: She meant so much to them, her being here. I know it wasn't for long, but they really loved her.
Jill: Why do you say that?
Luke: It's in their wills. They left her the house.

Caroline Ellis: Luke, she tried to kill me. She had a gun, I got away just in time but I had to leave Ben in the shed. We have to go back.
Luke: The hell we do.
Caroline Ellis: I left him there.
Luke: Slow down... You didn't leave ANYBODY.

Luke: So what exactly happened? I came to update her will, she was up with the doc and he said that he fell?
Caroline Ellis: He DID fall.
Luke: Like what from his wheelchair?
Caroline Ellis: [gestures her head towards the roof]
Luke: You cannot be serious? Up there? He fell from up there?
Luke: How? He can't even walk?

Luke: You know my mother used to say that if a lady invites you into her room, she probably isn't much of a lady.
Caroline Ellis: Yeah, well, homegrown southern wisdom seems to grow on trees around here.

Luke: Violet! I want you to meet somebody. Mrs. Violet Devoreaux meet Miss Caroline Ellis. Caroline, this is Violet Devoreaux she owns the house.
Caroline Ellis: You have a lovely home.
[Violet says nothing only walks away]
Luke: I'm sorry, it's just sort of difficult having someone living here beside her.
Caroline Ellis: I understand.
Luke: Well, she's Old South she thinks women still curtsey.
[Caroline laughs and smiles, she turns her attention Ben]
Caroline Ellis: So, he can't talk at all?
Luke: No, stroke pretty much paralyzed him.
Caroline Ellis: Which side was effected? Left? Or right...
Luke: Both.
Caroline Ellis: Both...
Luke: Happened 'bout a... month ago up in the attic. That's where she found him. Ben, you have a visitor... Meet me Miss Caroline Ellis.
Caroline Ellis: Hello Ben. I'm Caroline.

Caroline Ellis: [as she shows Luke pictures of the attic] That attic is full of that stuff. Old recipies, voodoo dolls, magic sticks and...
Luke: I understand your cause for concern but my family is very superstitious, too. We're called Baptists.
Caroline Ellis: Don't be a smartass.
Luke: No really, that's a local color.
Caroline Ellis: You said you were worried for him.
Luke: Well yeah now I'm worried about you. Hm? Are you a nurse or are you a detective?

Luke: The weakness is the flesh. The flesh. The flesh.

Luke: The flesh. The coil.

Luke: The frail. The weak.

[minutes following the "Conjure of Sacrifice", as Caroline become Cecile, Luke walks into the attic]
Luke: [as Papa Justify] Cecile? You all right?
Caroline Ellis: [as Cecile] I'm fine now, Justify.
Luke: A fair bit harder than the lawyer, wasn't it?
Caroline Ellis: It gets harder every time. They just don't believe like they used to. Gotta get 'em all riled up.

[to a terrified struggling Caroline]
Luke: Hush, hush, darling. I know it's hard.
[drags her inside house and sorta keenly calls up the stairs to Violet]
Luke: We're home!