Frank Bannister
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Frank Bannister (Character)
from The Frighteners (1996)

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The Frighteners (1996)
Dr. Lucy Lynskey: What's happening in the cell? I felt something crushin my heart!
Frank Bannister: I cannot fight it Luce, I cannot protect you! So only one way to be with extinct. I can have an out-of-body-experiment.
Dr. Lucy Lynskey: What?
Frank Bannister: and I can have RIGHT NOW!
Dr. Lucy Lynskey: No, No!
Frank Bannister: Go along Lucy, swap in the WAY!
Dr. Lucy Lynskey: WAIT! WAIT!

Frank Bannister: You are SUCH an asshole.
Milton Dammers: Yes I am. I'm an asshole... with an Uzi.

Sergeant Hiles: What in the hell are you doing in my graveyard? You have been told to stay away! Sound off like you've got a pair!
Frank Bannister: Yeah, well, Cemetary is a public place, Hiles.
Sergeant Hiles: I do not like you! You cannot bring your spooks here without my permission! Disappear, scumbag!

Frank Bannister: Catch you later, Hiles.
Sergeant Hiles: Hey, my tour of duty runs another 85 years! There's a piece of dirt up here with your name on it, Bannister! I'm waiting for you, you little maggot!

[last lines]
Dr. Lucy Lynskey: Boy that Dammers guy, he sure looks pissed.
Frank Bannister: [without realizing] Yeah.
[the penny suddenly drops and Frank looks back in surprise at Lucy]
Dr. Lucy Lynskey: Well sometimes Frank, you see when you go through a traumatic experience, it kind of alters your perception.

Frank Bannister: [to Stuart and Cyrus] Why is it that flies stick to you guys like shit to a blanket?
Cyrus: Ha ha, very funny. You're a funny guy, Frank. You know, all you think about is yourself. I could complain, too, you know. I would like some new clothes. You get to dress nice. Here I am still looking like Linc from The Mod Squad.
Frank Bannister: You died in the 70's. It's a bummer.

Frank Bannister: [after seeing the glowing number on her forehead] You're next.
Magda Rees-Jones: Are you threatening me?

Frank Bannister: Johnny Bartlett. I thought guys like you fried in Hell.
Johnny Charles Bartlett: I got out Frank. I've been carrying on the good work. Got me a score of forty.

Dr. Lucy Lynskey: Frank, Frank!
Dr. Kammins: C'mon Lucy, 10cc Lidocaine, Quick now.
Frank Bannister: LUCY! I CAN NOT GET HIM!
Dr. Lucy Lynskey: WHO? WHO can't you get, Frank?
Dr. Lucy Lynskey: WHAT?
Frank Bannister: And Lucy, He's killing again!
Dr. Lucy Lynskey: PATRICIA!
Frank Bannister: [leans towards Lucy] LUCY! YOU HAVE... HAVE TO... TAKE HER OUT... TAKE HER OUT OF THE HOUSE! GO ! GO!
Dr. Kammins: Lucy, just go now!

Dr. Lucy Lynskey: Frank! Frank! Are you okay? What happened?
Dammers: [Ordering arrest of Frank Bannister]
Dr. Lucy Lynskey: What do you do? Are you arresting him?
Dammers: Please leave, Mrs Lynskey!
Frank Bannister: Home, Lucy.
Dr. Lucy Lynskey: [Go towards Frank Bannister] Frank, you need a lawyer! Wait!
Frank Bannister: Home, Lucy.
Dr. Lucy Lynskey: But you haven't done anything!
[Towards polizei]
Dr. Lucy Lynskey: He hasn't done anything!
Frank Bannister: How could you know? Do you know me? Am I nice guy, Lucy?
Frank Bannister: That cozy scene of the Cuisine restaurant, EXCALIBUR, is a bullshit.
Frank Bannister: I was just doing my job.
[Think for a while]
Frank Bannister: I don't give a damn about you, I don't give a damn about anybody!
Dr. Lucy Lynskey: And what the hell are you saying?
Frank Bannister: Just go home...
Dr. Lucy Lynskey: [began to cry & left]
Sheriff Walt Perry: Lucy , are you okay to drive?
Dr. Lucy Lynskey: YEAH!
Sheriff Walt Perry: [SIGN]

Dr. Lucy Lynskey: Tell me, why is it that you can see Ray and I can't?
Frank Bannister: I was in an accident. A car accident... about five years ago .I don't know they say that sometimes when you have a traumatic experience that it can alter your perception.

Frank Bannister: I'm just trying to make a living.
Magda Rees-Jones: Living? Not a word you'd know a lot about. Is it Mr. Bannister?

Frank Bannister: The chicken was not scary, Stuart. The chicken was stupid.

Ray Lynskey: Oh, I've got the shakes now. I need some vitamin B.
Frank Bannister: You can't take vitamins anymore. You don't eat. You don't drink. You don't go to the bathroom. All that shit's over with.