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Quotes for
Jeff (Character)
from Cabin Fever (2002)

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Cabin Fever (2002)
[Group is sitting around a campfire, telling stories]
Jeff: Tell them about The Happy Bald Guy.
Karen: No, I can't take it
Paul: He was the guy that gave us our shoes and quarters for the video games. There was a room with a pool table too, but my dad wouldn't let us go back there. The bald guy was always happy, always smiling. But the killer got him too. When the cops searched the place, they found all the hacked off limbs at the end of the bowling lanes. The guy had bowled people's organs. Arms, legs, everything. They found the bald guy's head in the ball return. He was still smiling.

Jeff: I don't want any of us getting sick, but you two fuckin' fuckers insist on touching her, now she's bleeding all over both you guys! So you two can fuckin rot, but not me, no fuckin way not me!
[Jeff runs off carrying beer]

[Jeff walks around the cabin after everyone dies]
Jeff: [yelling] I made it! I made it! I knew I'd make it! I fucking made it!

Jeff: Hey, dipshit, what the fuck?
Bert: What are you, fuckin' Smokey the Clown now?
Jeff: Don't you mean 'Smokey the Bear?'

Paul: Who's up for a dip?
[realizing he's just barged in on Jeff and Marcy, who are stripping and about to have sex]
Paul: We're... Uh... Yeah! Safe Sex!
Jeff: Hey Paul?
Paul: Yeah?
Jeff: Have fun!