Sylvia Bennington
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Sylvia Bennington (Character)
from 3 Men and a Baby (1987)

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3 Men and a Little Lady (1990)
Mary: What a crock.
Sylvia: Mary! Where did you hear that?
Peter Mitchell: [On the phone] What a crock!

Jack Holden: Do you want to marry me?
Peter Mitchell: Jack!
Jack Holden: [to Sylvia] Wanna sleep on it?
Michael Kellam: She did that once before, Jack!
Jack Holden: Hey, shut up!
[turns back to Sylvia]
Jack Holden: Do you want to marry me?
Sylvia: No... but thank you for asking.

Peter Mitchell: Where are you gonna live?
Sylvia: London.
Jack Holden: London, England?
Michael Kellam: [Sarcastically] No, London, New Jersey.

Sylvia: [brings in breakfast] Here's my specialty. Liver moose and poached eggs.
Edward Hargreave: [looks at the tray and stammers] What an attractive combination, but we do have a cook for these sort of things.
Sylvia: I like doing it.
Mary: Try it Edward. You'll like it.
Edward Hargreave: [sees Mary holding her tea cup in the palm of her hand] Whoever taught you to hold you teacup like that?

Sylvia: Edward is a wonderful person, but something keeps me from saying yes.
Vera Bennington: Would that something happen to be a tall architecht?

Sylvia: I think we need drinks.
Peter Mitchell: I think we need shovels.

Sylvia: Someone going to come to the airport to help me pick up my mother?
Peter Mitchell: Jack can you do it?
Jack Holden: Oh damn, I got that kidney operation this afternoon! What about you, Peter?
Peter Mitchell: Michael, I'll give you $1,000 if you'll do it!

Peter Mitchell: Marry me.
Sylvia: Why Peter? For Mary's sake? You don't have to do that now. I'm moving back to New York and living there and you can see as much of Mary as you like.
Peter Mitchell: It's not for Mary I'm doing this. I'm doing it for me. I love you.
Sylvia: No you don't.
Peter Mitchell: Yes I do. I love you. I love the way you walk, I love the way you laugh, I love the way when you get nervous you bite your bottom lip just like you're doing now, I love the way you love Mary,
[to the congregation]
Peter Mitchell: I even love her liver mousse. I love you and if there were no Mary, if there was nothing else I would still love you. And I want to make Mary all over again with you.

Sylvia: You are a selfish bastard!
Peter Mitchell: I'm selfish? At least I didn't leave my baby on a doorstep when she was six months old!
[Sylvia slaps Peter]

Sylvia: I know some of the children at this school and I know their parents. Family life is not easy. But of all the fathers, the step fathers, the half fathers that I've know, not one of them could love and support a child like these three men love Mary. There's nothing they wouldn't do for her. I just hope that there are other children who are as lucky as Mary is.

Sylvia: I'd like a man who sweeps a girl off her feet.
Jack Holden: Kinda like I swept you off your feet.
Sylvia: Knocked me off my feet is more like it.

Sylvia: If you think about it, if Mary and I hadn't moved in a taken up a part of your live, you'd all be in very different situations right now.
Michael Kellam: We'd be married.
Peter Mitchell: We'd be divorced! You've saved us a fortune.

Edward Hargreave: [recovered from the punch Peter gave him] Forgive me for bringing up a sticky point, but we are married.
Sylvia: Oh, God, he's right.
Jack Holden: [as the vicar running down the aisle] I beg to differ with you young man. But the ceremony is not officially over.
Edward Hargreave: Shut up, you old fool!
Jack Holden: Oh! He called me an old fool! I can hardly believe my ears!
[he pulls at his ears and pulls them off]

Edward Hargreave: [to Sylvia, who's looking out a window] What's the matter, darling?
Sylvia: I'm concerned about Mary.
Edward Hargreave: Oh, she'll come around. You'll see.
Sylvia: And I'm nervous about tomorrow.
Edward Hargreave: Don't you want to get married?
Sylvia: Yes, of course I do. I think so. I mean... yes, yes I do. But why do you ask?
Edward Hargreave: Everything's going to be fine. I promise you...
Peter Mitchell: [Peter and Michael come rushing in] You sonofabitch! You're planning on sending Mary to that boarding school!
Edward Hargreave: What are you talking about!
Michael Kellam: We went to Pileforth this afternoon.
Peter Mitchell: He's planning to send Mary there!
Sylvia: In five or six years, that's a possibility, yes...
Peter Mitchell: No, not in five or six years. Next term.
Edward Hargreave: That's not true.
Peter Mitchell: He's lying to you.
Edward Hargreave: Rubbish.
Michael Kellam: Then why was Miss Lomax measuring Mary?
Sylvia: Was she?
Michael Kellam: For a uniform.
Edward Hargreave: A gift. She asked me if she could give Mary a blazer.
Peter Mitchell: Why?
Edward Hargreave: Because she said that with all the presents Sylvia and I were going to get, Mary might feel left out.
Sylvia: I think that's a very sweet thought.
Edward Hargreave: Yes, I thought so.
Peter Mitchell: What a crock!