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Quotes for
Henrietta 'Mama' Bazoom (Character)
from Showgirls (1995)

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Showgirls (1995)
Henrietta Bazoom: The Farmer in the Dell, The Farmer in the Dell, I had a cherry once, and now it's gone to hell.

Henrietta Bazoom: Honey, you could never handle me with all these wrinkles of fat. Why, you'd never find the thing. I'd have to piss on you to give you a clue.

Henrietta Bazoom: She looks better than a ten-inch dick and you know it!

Henrietta Bazoom: She misses us like that lump on my twat I had taken off last week.

Henrietta Bazoom: You know what they call that useless piece of skin around a twat?
Henrietta Bazoom: A woman!

Henrietta Bazoom: You're the only one who can get my tits poppin' right!

Henrietta 'Mama' Bazoom: What the hell is happening here?
Al Torres: She's going to the STARDUST! She's going to be in the show!
Henrietta 'Mama' Bazoom: Well, la-di-da!