James Smith
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James Smith (Character)
from Showgirls (1995)

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Showgirls (1995)
James Smith: Now wait a minute. Listen, just listen. Man you've got more talent when you dance than anybody I've ever seen. And I've seen a lot of dancers. I studied at New York... Alvin Ailey. You burn when you dance.
Nomi Malone: But you said I couldn't.
James Smith: Well you've got to hold some of it in, and dancing ain't fucking.
Nomi Malone: What's that? More wisdom? I know that!
James Smith: No you don't. You dance like when you fucked that guy last night.
Nomi Malone: What guy?
James Smith: That guy with the chick. You took 'em in the back.
Nomi Malone: I didn't fuck him.
James Smith: Yes you did, you fucked him and her.
Nomi Malone: Are you following me around? I didn't fuck anybody, I was just...
James Smith: I saw you! Man everybody got AIDS and shit. You know, what is it that you think you do? You fuck 'em without fucking them, that's what you do! Well it ain't right! You've got too much talent for it to be right!
[Nomi hits James]
Nomi Malone: Get out of here!
James Smith: Bitch, I'm tellin' you the truth! You want me to go? I'm out of here!

James Smith: I have a problem with pussy. I always have, and I'm always gonna.

James Smith: Life sucks. Shit happens. I'm a student of t-shirts.

[about Zack Carey who's driving a Ferrari]
James Smith: What is he? Pimp? Only people I know got pimp cars are pimps.
Nomi Malone: He's the entertainment director.
James Smith: That's exactly what I said - he's a pimp!

Nomi Malone: Dancing ain't fucking, right?
James Smith: Yeah, yeah, that's right.
Nomi Malone: See ya.

Nomi Malone: I got my period.
James Smith: Yeah, right.
Nomi Malone: Check.
[James puts his hand down Nomi's pants]

Nomi Malone: You can fuck me when you love me.
James Smith: But I do love you.
Nomi Malone: Yeah right.
James Smith: You don't fool me. I see you.
Nomi Malone: Yeah? What do you see?
James Smith: I see you hiding.
Nomi Malone: From what?
James Smith: From you. You got into some bad shit somewhere?

James Smith: You don't want to be in this kind of show. What you're doing, at least it's honest. They want tits and ass, you give 'em tits and ass. Here, they pretend they want something else, and you still show them tits and ass.

James Smith: Man, everybody got AIDS and shit!