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Quotes for
Molly Abrams (Character)
from Showgirls (1995)

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Showgirls (1995)
Nomi Malone: Are you hitting on me?
Molly Abrams: No. You're not a hooker, are you?

Nomi Malone: Fuck. Shit. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. The fucker left.
Molly Abrams: Hey, that's my car. Stop it!
Nomi Malone: I want my fucking suitcase.
Molly Abrams: Get the fuck off my car!

Molly Abrams: My right hand is so tight I can barely thread a needle!
Nomi Malone: Then use the left one!
Molly Abrams: For threading a needle?

Cristal Connors: Your friend has nice nails.
Molly Abrams: She does them herself.
Cristal Connors: Maybe she can do mine sometime.

Cristal Connors: Molly, this top is way too tight. My breasts are just getting crushed in here.
Molly Abrams: I can loosen it for you.
Cristal Connors: Okay... To about here... Maybe... No, no a little less. I want my nipples to press, but I don't want them to look like they're levitatin'!

Molly Abrams: Where are you from?
Nomi Malone: Back East.
Molly Abrams: From where back East?
Nomi Malone: Different places!

Molly Abrams: Jerk, you don't have to be at work for three hours. What are you going to do, watch TV and eat chips?
Nomi Malone: Yeah. Where are the chips? You ate them, didn't you?

Molly Abrams: Who was he?
Nomi Malone: Zack.
Molly Abrams: Oh my god. Did you tie him up?
Nomi Malone: Oh shit.
Molly Abrams: What?
Nomi Malone: I forgot to untie him.

Nomi Malone: Julie saw it.
Molly Abrams: Julie couldn't have seen it, I saw Julie and her back was to you.
Nomi Malone: She saw it.
Molly Abrams: Wow. OK.