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FBI Agent Wesley Doyle (Character)
from Frailty (2001)

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Frailty (2001)
Agent Wesley Doyle: Adam or Fenton, whatever the hell your name is, I really don't give a fuck. All I know is that you're a murdering son of a bitch.

Adam Meiks: I know who the God's Hand killer is.
Agent Wesley Doyle: All right, I'll buy it - who?
Adam Meiks: Well, you haven't even heard me out yet and already you doubt me.

Agent Wesley Doyle: You ever wanted to be a policeman or something?
Adam Meiks: Yeah, well, you know, when I was a kid.

Agent Wesley Doyle: Is everything you just told me true?
Adam Meiks: Why would I make it up?

Agent Wesley Doyle: You'll never get away with this!
Adam Meiks: God will protect me.

[first lines, FBI Agent Wesley Doyle walks into the FBI headquarters]
Agent Wesley Doyle: What's that ambulance doing out there?
Operator: I don't know, I'll check it out.

[In the Rose Garden we hear Young Adam dumping the remains of the demon Cynthia Harbridge into the hole]
Dad: No, Adam. Do it like this.
[Dad correctly shows Adam to pour the limbs out of the bag and into the hole]
Dad: It's got to be done a certain way. The Angel was real specific.
Young Adam: [Fenton cries next to them] Why out here in the Rose Garden?
Dad: God chose it, just like he chose us, I suppose. Don't cry for her, Fenton! She wasn't human. Didn't you see that when I touched her?
Young Adam: I saw it, Dad!
[Young Adam and Dad smile at each other]
Young Fenton: [Fenton looks at his father in tears] You killed her...
Dad: I didn't kill her, son, I destroyed her. She was a demon. You know, I wasn't so sure I could do it myself. I mean, she looked like a woman to me, too. But after I touched her... all I could see is the evil. And I had to do it. I'm sorry you didn't see it too, you will next time.
Young Fenton: You're gonna do it again!
Dad: This is our job now, son. You have to accept that.
Young Fenton: I won't let you!
Dad: You can't stop it; we're doing God's work here.
Young Fenton: I'll tell!
Dad: If you do, somebody will die. The Angel was clear on that, do you understand? Answer me, Fenton, do you understand?
[the story fades out and brings us back into the present time]
Agent Wesley Doyle: So you didn't tell?
Adam Meiks: No. I should've, but I was afraid. I mean, I loved my father but I was terrified of him.

[Adam Meiks questions Agent Wesley Doyle about the God's Hands killer]
Adam Meiks: I read in the paper that only one of the bodies of the six victims have been found. Now, is that true?
Agent Wesley Doyle: You read that in the paper, didn't ya?
Adam Meiks: It doesn't necessarily mean it's true.
Agent Wesley Doyle: Well, in this case it does. You see, the first victim was found, mutilated. With a note saying that God's Hands had taken her. With all of the rest, only notes were found, no bodies.
Adam Meiks: How do you know they're dead?
Agent Wesley Doyle: Well, we don't for sure. But the first note told us that we wouldn't find no more bodies from then on. He said he wanted to keep them.
Adam Meiks: I've got a pretty good idea where the rest of them bodies are.
Agent Wesley Doyle: At the Rose Garden?
[Adam Meiks nods yes]
Agent Wesley Doyle: Now, why didn't you tell me that in the first place?
Adam Meiks: Would you have believed me?

[Adam Meiks and Agent Wesley Doyle talk in the police car on the way to the Rose Garden]
Agent Wesley Doyle: I just can't imagine how you'd keep something like that inside for so long.
Adam Meiks: I guess I avoided it because I wanted to.
Adam Meiks: You know, you never did tell me why it is you just keep that one picture of your mother in your office.
Agent Wesley Doyle: My mother was murdered a couple days after that picture was taken. Butchered by some wacked-out killer like your dad.
Adam Meiks: Did they ever catch him?
Agent Wesley Doyle: No.
Adam Meiks: Is that why you took this job?
Agent Wesley Doyle: You know, you're pretty good at this. Did you ever think about becoming a cop?
Adam Meiks: Well, you know, when I was a kid.
Agent Wesley Doyle: Well, you've got the instincts for it. Cops gotta have good instincts. You know what mine are telling me now? You are hiding something from me.
Adam Meiks: What is it you think I'm hiding?
Adam Meiks: Well, why don't you just keep on talking and maybe I'll figure that out.