Judge Hershey
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Judge Hershey (Character)
from Judge Dredd (1995)

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Judge Dredd (1995)
Judge Hershey: [as her dead partner is being taken away] Dammit! I was supposed to be watching out for him.
Judge Dredd: Don't blame yourself, Hershey, he made the mistake, not you.
Judge Hershey: [exasperated] Wouldn't it feel good to have an emotion once in a while, huh?
Judge Dredd: Emotions... there ought to be a law against them.

Brisco: Judge Dredd, take cover!
Judge Dredd: They're firing 20 milimetre caseless fletcher rounds at 300 metres. The effective lethal range is 200 metres. You're safe... so what are you doing down there, Judge Hershey?
Judge Hershey: Waiting for backup.
Judge Dredd: It's here.

Ilsa: Bitch!
Judge Hershey: [Hersey headbutts Ilsa] JUDGE BITCH!

[Dredd is putting some stuff into his locker, Hershey walks up to him, quietly]
Judge Dredd: [from behind his locker door] I can hear you thinking.
Judge Hershey: Caught your lecture today. Is that really what you think the cadets need to hear?
Judge Dredd: What I told them was the truth.
Judge Hershey: Your truth, maybe. You made it sound like our lives are practically over!
Judge Dredd: Don't you think parts are, Hershey?
Judge Hershey: I have a personal life, I have friends.
Judge Dredd: You're the smartest of a new breed, but you've only been on the street a year. You haven't gotten used to the isolation yet.
Judge Hershey: No. No, I don't think that's right. No one should be alone all the time. I mean, is that really what it's been like for you? Haven't you... haven't you ever had a friend?
Judge Dredd: Yes. Once.
Judge Hershey: What happened?
[Dredd shuts his locker and walks away. Hershey follows him]
Judge Hershey: Dredd? I want to know, what happened?
Judge Dredd: [sadly] I judged him.

Judge Esposito: With the charge of Pre-Meditated murder. This Tribunal has found, Joseph Dredd: Guilty as charged.
[the audience gasps in disbeleif as Dredd is holding back a disappointed face]
Chief Justice Fargo: Joseph Dredd. You are aware that this council can only provide one punishment for your crime. Death. However, it is also a tradition that the council to honor the last order of a retiring senior Judge.
[Gets up from his seat]
Chief Justice Fargo: Therefore, I step down.
[the audience gasps in disbelief and Dredd gives out a surprised face]
Chief Justice Fargo: As I now take my walk to the Cursed Earth, I would like the council to honor *my* last order: Be leniant with Judge Dredd, for this actions and his years of service.
Judge Griffin: [Gets up] We shall honor this one, Judge Fargo.
[Fargo leaves the court]
Judge Griffin: Joseph Dredd, step forward.
[Dredd Steps forward]
Judge Griffin: Your sentence shall be, life imprisonment at Aspen Penal Colony and is to be carried out immediately.
[Holds up the Book of Law]
Judge Griffin: As it is written...
Judge Hershey: [Interrupts Griffin] Justice Griffin, this trial has been a farce, I demand an appeal...
Judge Griffin: [Interrupts Hershey] You will accept the court's decision, Judge Hershey.
[Several Judges come into the courtroom and secure Dredd]
Judge Hershey: Dredd, I'm sorry.
Judge Dredd: [as the Judges begin to take him away] You did your best, hershey. Thank you.
Judge Griffin: Let the betrayal of the Law be taken from our court. May his armor be taken from him, and all of his garb of justice.
[the Judges take off his badge and tear his uniform off and cuff him]
Judge Griffin: Let him be strickened from our hearts and our memories, forever.

[Judge Hershey has stopped a man for bumping his hovercar between two other vehicles]
Judge Hershey: [checking his Unicard on the system] Mr Souza, you have a suspended license. You've got 3 counts of driving under the influence...
Fuppie: [interrupting] Hey, you'd better listen! I suggest you walk away and bother somebody else!
[Judge Dredd looms up behind him]
Fuppie: When I said I have powerful friends, I mean powerful!
Judge Dredd: Are we having a problem here, Hershey?
Judge Hershey: Not at all, Dredd, nothing I can't handle. Suspended license, 3 DUI's.
Fuppie: [smiling nervously] Uh, this is getting boring, hey... So, uh, what's the tab? Come on, how much is this gonna cost me? You name the price.
Judge Dredd: Hmmmm... Hershey, call Control for an H-wagon.
Fuppie: What? I don't believe it, you're gonna tow me?
[Dredd crosses the road, Souza and Hershey follow him]
Judge Dredd: Towing is for a first offence, this is your fourth violation, you're a menace. How do you plead?
Fuppie: Not guilty.
Judge Dredd: I knew you'd say that.
[Dredd pulls out his Lawgiver gun]
Fuppie: Hey, wait a sec, what are you doing?
Judge Dredd: Grenade.
Lawgiver: Grenade.
Fuppie: NOOOOOO!
[Dredd aims and fires - the hovercar explodes]
Judge Dredd: Happy motoring.