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Quotes for
Frank (Character)
from House of Sand and Fog (2003)

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House of Sand and Fog (2003)
Frank: Kathy? K, is that you?
Kathy: [on the phone with her brother Frank, She is very upset] Yeah.
Frank: Mom said you sounded strange on the phone. What's going on?
Kathy: I need help. I really need some help.
Frank: What's wrong?
Kathy: Do you think you could just come out here? Please?
Frank: K, I'm sorry. I just got a real shit storm here. We just got the new models in, there's inventory...
[to co-worker]
Frank: I'll be right there. Just give me a second here.
Kathy: I just feel lost, Frankie. You know? I just, um... I just feel lost.
Frank: Look, Ma and the aunts will be out there on the 18th. They can help you, bring you back, straighten you out. Okay? I'm sorry, K, but I gotta go. Okay?
Kathy: Okay... Yeah.
Frank: All right. Chin up, baby sister. I'll call you later.
Kathy: Okay. Hey, don't tell Mom, all right?
[clicks, dial tone]
Kathy: ...Okay, bye.
[Crying and whimpering in frustration over her inability to explain to her brother why she needs help]
Kathy: FUCK!