Meg Swan
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Meg Swan (Character)
from Best in Show (2000)

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Best in Show (2000)
Hamilton Swan: Honey, I'm thinking of switching to the mock turtleneck?
Meg Swan: Is that not breathing?
Hamilton Swan: Well, it's breathing now, but it'll be hot down there. I could go with the lambswool, but then again, you'll see a lot of khaki down there and this merlot looks good with the gray.

Hotel Manager: Have you tried looking under the bed?
Meg Swan: Of course I've looked under the bed, of course I've looked under the bed. That's where you look when you lose things.

Meg Swan: We met at Starbucks. Not at the same Starbucks but we saw each other at different Starbucks across the street from each other.

Hamilton Swan: I remember what I was drinking when I met you. It was a grande espresso.
Meg Swan: That's right. And I thought that was really sexy.

Meg Swan: We are *so* lucky. We are *so* lucky to have been raised amongst catalogs.

Hamilton Swan: I'm now a big old tchai tea latte soy milk kind of guy.
Meg Swan: Mmm. Soy. Because of the lactose. You're lactose intolerant now.

Meg Swan: Thanks a lot, you stupid hotel manager!

[Yelling at the hotel maid]
Meg Swan: I know a man who has a van and he will take you back to wherever you came from!

[after the hotel manager suggests going to the pet store to get a new toy for Beatrice]
Meg Swan: What are you a wizard? A genius? Why didn't you tell me that before?

Meg Swan: No, that's a bear in a, in a bee costume.

Meg Swan: This? This is a fish. This is a fish! You know what? Just shut up.

Meg Swan: I didn't ask for your opinion. I asked for a toy that you don't have!

Meg Swan: [Meg and Hamilton are talking about how they met at Starbucks] One day Hamilton gathered his courage and approached me...
Hamilton Swan: I remember, I was drinking a grande espresso.
Meg Swan: I know, and I remember I thought that was really sexy. I was drinking capuccinos... then I switched over to lattes... now it's double espresso macchiato...
Hamilton Swan: These days I'm a big chai tea/soymilk kind of guy.
Meg Swan: [gravely] Because of the lactose. You're lactose-intolerant now.

Meg Swan: Oh, God! She's not even responding to the toy!