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Jimmy Whispers (Character)
from A Bronx Tale (1993)

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A Bronx Tale (1993)
[a biker gang called The Satan's Messengers enters Sonny's bar wearing their biker clothes]
Jimmy Whispers: Fellas, youse are not dressed properly. Youse gonna have to leave.
Satan's Messengers: Properly? What's wrong with the way we're dressed?
Sonny: Jimmy! What's up?
Jimmy Whispers: These gentleman ain't dressed right, and I asked them to leave.
Sonny: [confronting them] Is there a problem here?
Satan's Messengers: Nah, the problem is your man here says we're not properly dressed. Like our money ain't green. We just want a couple of beers.
Sonny: A few beers, that's it?
Satan's Messengers: That's it. We'll be on our way. We ain't looking for trouble.
Sonny: Spoken like a gentleman. Give em the beers. Go ahead.
Satan's Messengers: Thanks, appreciate it.
[Sonny whispers to Jimmy to go in the back room and prepare the guys]