Connie Mills
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Connie Mills (Character)
from The Mothman Prophecies (2002)

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The Mothman Prophecies (2002)
Connie: Hey! Do you know that woman?
John Klein: What woman?
Connie: She just left. You didn't see her?
John Klein: No.
Connie: That's strange. She had long red hair, green eyes, real pretty. She was asking about you, John?
John Klein: Did you see which way she went?
Connie: No.
John Klein: What did she say?
Connie: She asked a lot of strange questions. You know, "What are you doing here?". And she asked if you were happy.
John Klein: What did you say?
Connie: I asked her for some I.D.
John Klein: Did she give you any?
Connie: No. She just said, "Tell John I'm sorry for ruining everything", and then she got up and walked out. What's wrong?
[John shows her a picture of his DEAD wife]
John Klein: Was it her? Was it her?
Connie: That's your wife!
John Klein: It was her.

Connie Parker: Looks like he's been dead about eight hours. He died of exposure. What made you come out here?
John Klein: He called me.
Connie Parker: When?
John Klein: I didn't like the way he sounded.
Connie Parker: When did he call you, John?
John Klein: About an hour ago.

Connie: I grew up right over that hill.
John Klein: On a farm?
Connie: Shucks, no! A real live house. Indoor plumbing and everything!
John Klein: Sorry.
Connie: We even had shoes for church and schoolin' and stuff!

Connie: [to John] You're a long way from D.C. What are you doing here?

Connie: Past few months people have been coming up to me and reporting that they've been seeing strange things. And I'm not talking about the town's speed freak. I'm talking about good, honest, churchgoing people. Now, I've known these folks my entire life and they seem downright embarrassed to be bringing it up.
John Klein: Bringing what up?
Connie: It's hard to explain.

Connie: There've been weird lights, strange phone calls, you. Seeing a UFO is one thing. What do you do when someone comes into your office and tells you they saw this in their backyard?
[John stares at her]
Connie: What is it?
John Klein: My wife died two years ago. She saw something. Drew pictures. Who showed you this?

Connie: John, I can't call in sick just because you have a bad feeling about today.

John Klein: You know, when Mary got sick, I couldn't help thinking: "This isn't real. I can stop this. I know I can. I can stop this".
Connie: No one can stop it, John. Listen to me. Planes are gonna crash. Earthquakes are going to happen. People you know and love are going to die. And no matter what that voice tells you, there's nothing you can do about it.

[last lines]
Connie: Wake up, Number Thirty Seven.

Connie: Do you realize what's happening to you?

Connie: You're alone, and that's just no way to be.