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John Klein (Character)
from The Mothman Prophecies (2002)

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The Mothman Prophecies (2002)
John Klein: What do you look like?
Indrid Cold: It depends on who is looking.

John Klein: Two weeks ago, we were house hunting. One day you're just driving along in your car, and the universe just points at you and says, "Ah, there you are, a happy couple. I've been looking for you. I've been looking for you."

Connie: Hey! Do you know that woman?
John Klein: What woman?
Connie: She just left. You didn't see her?
John Klein: No.
Connie: That's strange. She had long red hair, green eyes, real pretty. She was asking about you, John?
John Klein: Did you see which way she went?
Connie: No.
John Klein: What did she say?
Connie: She asked a lot of strange questions. You know, "What are you doing here?". And she asked if you were happy.
John Klein: What did you say?
Connie: I asked her for some I.D.
John Klein: Did she give you any?
Connie: No. She just said, "Tell John I'm sorry for ruining everything", and then she got up and walked out. What's wrong?
[John shows her a picture of his DEAD wife]
John Klein: Was it her? Was it her?
Connie: That's your wife!
John Klein: It was her.

John Klein: I think we can assume that these entities are more advanced than us. Why don't they just come right out and tell us what's on their minds?
Alexander Leek: You're more advanced than a cockroach, have you ever tried explaining yourself to one of them?

John Klein: What's in my hand?
Indrid Cold: Chapstick.

John Klein: Look, here's the thing: I don't know how I ended up here last night. And I didn't even know I was in West Virginia. Somehow, between one and two thirty, I traveled four hundred miles and ended up on that your road by your house... and I've got no memory of it.
Gordon Smallwood: And you call me crazy?

Connie Parker: Looks like he's been dead about eight hours. He died of exposure. What made you come out here?
John Klein: He called me.
Connie Parker: When?
John Klein: I didn't like the way he sounded.
Connie Parker: When did he call you, John?
John Klein: About an hour ago.

Alexander Leek: In the end it all came down to just one simple question. Which was more important - having proof, or being alive? Trust me. I turned away years ago, and I've never looked back.
John Klein: Didn't you need to know?
Alexander Leek: We're not allowed to know.

Alexander Leek: I knew a building was going to blow up, and I tried to prevent it. But no one listened.
John Klein: What happened?
Alexander Leek: People died.

[John is on the phone with Indrid Cold, with the blinds shut and the lights off - he hides his watch]
John Klein: Where's my watch?
Indrid Cold: In your shoe. Under the bed.

Connie: I grew up right over that hill.
John Klein: On a farm?
Connie: Shucks, no! A real live house. Indoor plumbing and everything!
John Klein: Sorry.
Connie: We even had shoes for church and schoolin' and stuff!

Ed Fleischman: [writing a newspaper article] The Balkans Peace Council is "comprised" of ten members, or is "composed" of ten members?
John Klein: Twelve members.
Ed Fleischman: Oh, right. Thanks.

[first lines]
John Klein: Jesus!

Mary Klein: We were... We were just making sure there was adequate closest space.
Brian: Good, good. I have great news. Well, this house is yours if you want it. But you're gonna have to make a decision right now.
John Klein: We'll take it.

John Klein: You okay?
Mary Klein: Hmm-mmm... Yeah.
John Klein: Alright. It's alright. It's alright. It's just me.
Mary Klein: You didn't see it, did you?
John Klein: See what? What did you see? I didn't see anything.
Mary Klein: John, there's something wrong with me.

Orderly: She knew.
John Klein: What?
Orderly: She was drawing angels.

Connie: Past few months people have been coming up to me and reporting that they've been seeing strange things. And I'm not talking about the town's speed freak. I'm talking about good, honest, churchgoing people. Now, I've known these folks my entire life and they seem downright embarrassed to be bringing it up.
John Klein: Bringing what up?
Connie: It's hard to explain.

Connie: There've been weird lights, strange phone calls, you. Seeing a UFO is one thing. What do you do when someone comes into your office and tells you they saw this in their backyard?
[John stares at her]
Connie: What is it?
John Klein: My wife died two years ago. She saw something. Drew pictures. Who showed you this?

Lucy Griffin: It was right here. There was only a foot or so between its head and that branch. That makes it, what, about eight feet tall.
John Klein: Yeah.
Lucy Griffin: I was getting ready for bed and I just happened to glance out the window. At first all I could see were these two red eyes. I kept looking at it. I couldn't stop. Then I guess it just took off. I've never had that feeling before, like I couldn't move. And then I guess it just took off. That may not make much sense... but it's the only way I can put it into words.

C.J.: Next day... I woke up and... both my eyes were swelled up.
John Klein: What did the Doctor say?
Holly: He couldn't explain it.
C.J.: You see this one here? It ain't never healed.

Gordon Smallwood: Mr. Klein?
John Klein: Hey?
Gordon Smallwood: I gotta talk to ya.
John Klein: Okay.
Gordon Smallwood: Last night I woke up... with the worst headache I've ever had in my life. And I... I went into the bathroom to get some aspirin... And I happened to look in the mirror... and... I swear to God, I see something I can't describe. But it sure as hell ain't my reflection. And then I hear this weird howl coming out of the sink. And there's a voice. It's a voice and it's saying: "Do not be afraid. Ninety-nine will die. Denver Nine". I even wrote it down.

John Klein: To hear a voice is one thing. But this isn't just a message, it's a prediction. It came true.

Gordon Smallwood: I met him. The guy who told me about the plane crash.
John Klein: You met him?
Gordon Smallwood: Yeah, I met him. Last night, coming home from work around midnight.

Indrid Cold: Hello, John Klein.
John Klein: Who is this?
Indrid Cold: My name is Indrid Cold.
John Klein: Unless, of course, you're Gordon Smallwood...
Indrid Cold: Your father was born in Racine, Wisconsin. He lived in a green house on Monroe Street. You don't remember how your mother looked.
John Klein: Okay, you got my attention.

Sonny: See, it's... it's sticking up here around one thousand nine hundred and fifty cycles per second. But it never gets any lower than maybe one thousand nine hundred and thirty or so. But yours is way down here in the normal vocal range, anywhere between a thousand and twelve hundred cycles per second.
John Klein: So this guy's vocal range is much higher than mine.
Sonny: What makes you think it's a man?
Indrid Cold: [on recording] Still more proof, John Klein?
John Klein: What is it?
Sonny: Near as I can tell, it's an electrical impulse. But whatever it is, it's not coming from human vocal chords.

John Klein: Alexander Leek?
Alexander Leek: Who the hell are you?
John Klein: I'm John Klein. I called you last week.
[shows him a picture of the Mothman]
John Klein: Do you know what that is?
Alexander Leek: Stay away.
John Klein: Look, I need to know what this is. Tell me!
Alexander Leek: Where are they seeing it?
John Klein: Point Pleasant, West Virginia. You can help me.
Alexander Leek: Follow me.

John Klein: You're reading my mind, aren't you? Did you read my mind?
Indrid Cold: I have no need to, do I?
John Klein: What's the third line of page fifty one?
Indrid Cold: "A broken smile beneath her whispered wings". Still more proof, John Klein?

John Klein: Can I ask you something?
Indrid Cold: Why ask me what you already know, John
John Klein: What... What happened to my wife?
Indrid Cold: You were there.

Alexander Leek: You know the buildup of energy before something happens? How hair stands up before lighting strikes?
John Klein: Right, "before something happens". Do you mean, do you mean that they cause disasters?
Alexander Leek: Why would they need to?
John Klein: Alright, then. Are they... Are they trying to warn me?
Alexander Leek: Their motivations aren't human.
John Klein: Alright, then. What do they want?
Alexander Leek: I have no idea. What you really want is to know... why you?

Alexander Leek: How many people have seen it?
John Klein: Ten. Twenty, maybe.
Alexander Leek: Listen to me. Something terrible is going to happen in Point Pleasant. Don't go back. Stay away. I can't talk about this anymore.

John Klein: [about Alexander Leek] He said the messages are real. Something terrible's going to happen.

John Klein: You know, when Mary got sick, I couldn't help thinking: "This isn't real. I can stop this. I know I can. I can stop this".
Connie: No one can stop it, John. Listen to me. Planes are gonna crash. Earthquakes are going to happen. People you know and love are going to die. And no matter what that voice tells you, there's nothing you can do about it.

John Klein: 911? Yeah, there's been an accident.

John Klein: [Realizing what the Mothman was truly referring to]
John Klein: My... God!

John Klein: Looks like our pal the Mothman is up to his old tricks.