Sgt. Bob Mooney
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Sgt. Bob Mooney (Character)
from Cellular (2004)

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Cellular (2004)
Jack Tanner: I think all the chemicals from that beauty salon have gotten to your head.
Mooney: It's a *day spa*, you fuck.
[Mooney hesitates, then shows Tanner Ryan's cell phone, front facing Tanner's face]

[Talking to the fake Jessica Martin]
Mooney: We had a report of a possible kidnapping. You haven't been kidnapped today, have you?

[Mooney shoots someone for the first time in his entire career]
Mooney: 27 years. 27 years without this shit!

[Greer has Ryan pinned down and is about to shoot him]
Mooney: Let him up.
[Greer looks up and sees Mooney pointing a gun at him]
Ryan: Help me. They're dirty cops!
Greer: He attacked my partner. He tried to kill me.
Mooney: I said, "Let him up."
Greer: You're going to believe this lying piece of shit over a cop?
Mooney: It doesn't matter what I believe. What's important is that you believe I will put a bullet in your skull if you don't let him up.