King Einon
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King Einon (Character)
from DragonHeart (1996)

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DragonHeart (1996)
King Einon: Ingenious, Felton; only you could keep such a good brain under such a bad hat.

King Einon: Next time stab more flesh. Less cloth.
Kara: I'll pierce your heart!
King Einon: You already did.

King Einon: Some are good at hunting men, some are good at hunting money. Both have value for me.

Kara: It's been twelve years. Your castle is built. He can do you no more harm.
Kara: For God's sake, release him.
[Einon draws his bow and shoots Redbeard in the chest, he falls]
Kara: Father!
King Einon: I've always said death is a release, not a punishment!

King Einon: [Bowen, Kara, and Gilbert enter the castle to see Einon waiting for them] Well, well, well, what a pleasant surprise. I expected you, Bowen, but with my bride-to-be as well. And with a priest to wed us.
Bowen: To bury you.
King Einon: [stands] Well, to bury one of us.

King Einon: I know why you brought me the dragonslayers. You wanted them to kill him because you wanted me dead.
Queen Aislinn: I wanted to correct a mistake made years ago, when I saved a creature not worth saving.
King Einon: How un-motherly of you.

King Einon: [laughing] Well, well, well. It can't be. But it is! My old mentor. Still giving carving lessons?
Bowen: Get off your horse and I'll give you one.
King Einon: Time's not been kind to you, Bowen. You should never have broke with me.
Bowen: It was *you* who broke with me.
King Einon: And yet you return to me with this girl I lost.
Bowen: [Bowen looks at Kara. Kara shakes her head and raises her dagger] I think she wants to stay lost.
King Einon: Not her decision, I'm afraid!
[Brok starts to dismount, but Einon raises a hand to stop him, then dismounts himself and draws his sword]
King Einon: I'm ready for my lesson now, knight.

Young Einon: The peasants are revolting.
Brok: They've always been revolting, Prince. But *now*, they're rebelling.