Cmdr. Jeffrey Sinclair
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Biography for
Cmdr. Jeffrey Sinclair (Character)
from "Babylon 5" (1994)

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Commander Jeffrey Sinclair came to Babylon 5 as the only command rank officer whom the Mimbari Federation approved of to command the giant mile long station set up in Neutral Territory. Since the Mimbari-Earth War in the late 2240s, relationships between Earth and Mimbar were strengthed and Earth Gov was only to happy to acquiese with the Mimbari suggestion. This of course pricked the feathers of many high ranking members of Earth Gov and Earth Alliance military. The reasons behind the Mimbari's choosing of Sinclair was not known at first. In 2256 Sinclair took command of the commissioned Babylon 5 and spent the next couple of years learning about the different alien races and developing a diplomatic fervor that put other races at ease when dealing with him as the representative of the Earth Alliance.

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