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Lyta Alexander (Character)
from "Babylon 5" (1994)

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"Babylon 5: Between the Darkness and the Light (#4.19)" (1997)
Dr. Stephen Franklin: Now why do you believe her, and not me?
Michael Garibaldi: Because when you lie, it's all over your face. She's a much better liar than you are.
Lyta Alexander: Thank you.
Lyta Alexander: Wait a minute!

Dr. Stephen Franklin: [Lyta has just finished doing a deep scan of Garibaldi's mind to see if what he has said about Bester's manipulation of him is true] Michael are you alright?
Michael Garibaldi: I just realized, I need a whole lot more fiber in my diet.
Lyta Alexander: It's true... everything he said, it's all true.
Number One: Like that mean a damn. How the hell do we know what you saw? Why in the hell should we even believe-
[she freezes as Lyta turns around, her eyes completely black]
Lyta Alexander: What do you know about Hell, hmm? Would you like me to show it to you? Mine and his?
[she sends all the images she scanned from Garibaldi's mind into Number One's mind]
Number One: [Reeling from the shock] It's true... every word of it... how did you...
Lyta Alexander: The truth speaks for itself. I'm just the messenger.

Lyta Alexander: Michael, if I do a deep scan, it could damage you.
Michael Garibaldi: But if you don't, they're gonna kill me. Now, a headache I can get over. I'm not sure I'm gonna get over being dead any time soon.

[a shared field bottle gets passed from Stephen to Lyta and from her to Michael ]
Michael Garibaldi: Alright, who gulped? Somebody gulped. Look we have got a long way to go. We're supposed to sip, not gulp.
Dr. Stephen Franklin: I didn't gulp.
Michael Garibaldi: No?
Lyta Alexander: I sipped.
Michael Garibaldi: You I believe.
Dr. Stephen Franklin: What? Now why do you believe her and not me?
Michael Garibaldi: Cause when you lie, it's over your face. She's a better liar than you are.
Lyta Alexander: Thank you. Wait a minute...
Michael Garibaldi: [to Stephen] Look, the next time you carry the canteen, I'm gonna gulp.
Dr. Stephen Franklin: You are so petty, do you know that?
Lyta Alexander: What do you mean I'm a good liar?
Michael Garibaldi: Survival of the fittest.
Lyta Alexander: But I don't like what I'm hearing here. I'm not a great liar. I'm a terrible liar. I don't know who's been saying these things, but I want you to know, that when we get back I am gonna sue somebody. I don't know who and I don't know how, but by God, I am gonna sue somebody!

"Babylon 5: Passing Through Gethsemane (#3.4)" (1995)
Londo Mollari: Lyta Alexander! As I live and breathe...
Lyta Alexander: I suggest you remove your hand, Ambassador, or you won't be doing either for very long.

Londo Mollari: Lyta, I understand the Psi Corps is looking for you. I would hate very much for them to find you.
Lyta Alexander: So would I. Because I'm not with the Corps anymore. That means I'm not bound by their rules. So if someone were to turn me in, I'd find him. And before they took me, I'd plant a nightmare deep in his mind where no one else could find or remove it. And that person would spend every night for the rest of his life *screaming*!
Londo Mollari: Fine! And keep your threats to yourself!
Londo Mollari: [to himself] Nightmares. Hmph! The way my life has been going lately, who'd notice?

"Babylon 5: Into the Fire (#4.6)" (1997)
Capt. John Sheridan: Morning gentlemen, this is your wake up call.
[detonates a couple bombs, destroying Vorlon, and Shadow Vessels]
Lyta Alexander: Captain?
Capt. John Sheridan: Hmmm?
Lyta Alexander: They're pissed.

Lyta Alexander: I've heard that some of the Vorlons would be within striking distance of Centauri Prime about the same time we reach Coriana 6. So... why are we here instead of there?
Marcus Cole: 6 billion lives on Coriana. 3 billion lives on Centauri Prime. We have enough ships to make a stand at one of them, so which do you choose? It's numbers - cold, unsympathetic numbers. Let's just hope we pulled enough of the Vorlons away to give the Centauri a chance, or if they've gotten rid of any Shadow influences by now. Otherwise, I wouldn't give you 2 cents for their chances.

"Babylon 5: Epiphanies (#4.7)" (1997)
Lyta Alexander: Psi Cops are trained to make everyone nervous, but Bester can make even other Psi Cops nervous.
Zack Allan: Hell, the man can make poison ivy nervous.

Alfred Bester: Whatever's happened to you, you have a moral obligation to share it with the Corps, Lyta. The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father.
Lyta Alexander: In that case, Mr. Bester, - I'm an orphan.

"Babylon 5: Secrets of the Soul (#5.7)" (1998)
Lyta Alexander: Byron, the Vorlons changed me. More than you could possibly know. I don't know what it'll do once you get past my barriers and I get past yours. It could burn you.
Byron: Then let it burn.

[last lines]
Byron: They owe us a place where we can be among our own kind. We'll ask to speak to the Alliance, put our case before them, see if they can be persuaded to do the right thing.
Lyta Alexander: And if they can't?
Byron: Then we'll make sure they have no other choice.

"Babylon 5: The Paragon of Animals (#5.3)" (1998)
[last lines]
Lyta Alexander: What you were saying earlier about telepaths, - I've decided I'd like to hear a little more about your ideas.
Byron: Of course. This way. Please?

"Babylon 5: Walkabout (#3.18)" (1996)
[last lines]
Lyta Alexander: [to Ulkesh] Before, I told you I don't have a piece of Kosh. But it's possible - I don't know for sure, but it may be someone else does.
[Cailyn sings "All of Me"]

"Babylon 5: Phoenix Rising (#5.11)" (1998)
Lyta Alexander: You can't change human nature, Byron.
Byron: Then there's not much point in living, is there? If you can't hope for something better, something nobler, at least something kinder?

"Babylon 5: In the Kingdom of the Blind (#5.9)" (1998)
[last lines]
Byron: You could go, Lyta.
Lyta Alexander: I don't want to.
Byron: We can hold them off for a day. Two days, maybe three. No more. There will come a moment when I will ask you to leave me behind. When that moment comes you must do exactly as I say. Promise me that, Lyta. Promise me.

"Babylon 5: The Summoning (#4.3)" (1996)
[last lines]
Michael Garibaldi: We could barely stop the Shadows. How do we stop them and the Vorlons?
Lyta Alexander: I don't know. All I know is that unless you do stop them it won't matter who wins and who loses because none of us, not a single world in 70 light-years in any direction, will live to see it.

"Babylon 5: The Fall of Centauri Prime (#5.18)" (1998)
[first lines]
Narrator: Previously on Babylon 5:
Lennier: I read four Centauri warships. Too many to fight.
Lyta Alexander: This is leftover Shadow technology, Mr. President. It's an organic device used to control a ship from a long distance....

Babylon 5: Thirdspace (1998) (TV)
[last lines]
Sheridan: The Vorlons made an error thousands of years ago and we paid the price for it today. Why encourage anyone else to do the same? Hell, we've got more than enough trouble of our own. We don't need to inherit anyone else's mistakes. We got through it alive, and everyone's okay. That's the important thing. And this isn't the kind of problem that's likely to ever happen again.
Lyta Alexander: One mistake. One mistake out of so many. So many others.

"Babylon 5: The Wheel of Fire (#5.19)" (1998)
Michael Garibaldi: I need to know Lyta. Something's happened to your abilities. You're not a P-5 anymore. Hell, you're not even a P-12. You're the strongest telepath that I've ever seen. What did the Vorlons do to you Lyta? Who...? What are you?
Lyta Alexander: I've only recently begun to understand it myself. You know the Vorlons used telepaths as weapons during the Shadow War but what no one stopped to consider was that in a war you have a certain number of small weapons, a certain number of medium-size weapons and one or two big ones. The kind of weapons you drop when you're out of small weapons and the medium weapons and you've got nothing left to use.
Michael Garibaldi: Someone like that would be the telepathic equivalent of a thermonuclear device - a doomsday weapon.
Lyta Alexander: [Lytas eyes begin to glow as she turns toward Garibaldi] Pleased to meet you, Mr. Garibaldi.

"Babylon 5: The Hour of the Wolf (#4.1)" (1996)
Susan Ivanova: Have you ever heard of the hour of the wolf?
Lyta Alexander: No.
Susan Ivanova: My father told me about it. It's the time between 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning. You can't sleep, and all you can see is the troubles and the problems and the ways that your life should've gone but didn't. All you can hear is the sound of your own heart. I've been living in the hour of the wolf for seven days, Lyta. Seven days. The wolf and I are now on a first-name basis. In times like this, my father used to take one large glass of vodka before bed. 'To keep the wolf away,' he said. And then he would take three very small drinks of vodka, just in case she had cubs while she was waiting outside.
[she takes a drink]
Susan Ivanova: It doesn't work.

"Babylon 5: Moments of Transition (#4.14)" (1997)
PsiCop Alfred Bester: Well, there is just no delicate way to say this.
PsiCop Alfred Bester: I want your body.
Lyta Alexander: [shouts] What? Are you out of your mind?

"Babylon 5: Divided Loyalties (#2.19)" (1995)
[last lines]
Lyta Alexander: I'm back. I can't stay. The Captain's made sure I can get away before the Psi Cops get here, but I had to see you again, before my ship leaves. I never told them. I never told anyone. I hid it all away in the smallest, tiniest corner of my mind. They could've killed me and they still wouldn't have found it. Only at night, alone, would I open that small door in my mind where I kept the memory of you and listen to your voice. Listen to you sing me to sleep. I hope I can come back again. But I don't know. Until then - Kosh - I want to see you again. Just one more time before I go.