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Alfred Bester (Character)
from "Babylon 5" (1994)

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"Babylon 5: The Corps Is Mother, the Corps Is Father (#5.13)" (1998)
Lauren Ashley: We don't often see a sense of humor in Psi Cops.
Alfred Bester: Reports of our depression are vastly exaggerated.

[Zack implies Bester had something to do with a dead body being dead.]
Alfred Bester: He was dead before we got here.
Zack Allan: Yeah, they told me. But I never let the facts get in the way of a good grudge.

Dr. Stephen Franklin: Or would you rather go on believing that our kind and your kind have to hate each other, no compromises?
Alfred Bester: You're an optimist. Thank you! I'd almost forgotten what one of your kind looked like.

[first lines]
Drake: Al, there you are.
Alfred Bester: Sorry. We had a runaway problem in New Orleans. Local office couldn't deal with it. I had to step in. It's fixed now.

[last lines]
[Lauren has just spaced a 'mundane'.]
Alfred Bester: Your first?
Lauren Ashley: My first.
Alfred Bester: Well, you made it past the first stage. You just might be Psi Corps material after all. - Now, let's go home.

"Babylon 5: Ship of Tears (#3.14)" (1996)
Captain John Sheridan: Bester.
PsiCop Alfred Bester: Captain Sheridan.
Captain John Sheridan: Get the hell out of my chair.

Captain John Sheridan: Try not to drool over the controls.
PsiCop Alfred Bester: Captain, did you say something?
Captain John Sheridan: No, not a word. Just burped.

PsiCop Alfred Bester: We're not expendable; mundanes are.
Michael Garibaldi: That would be us.
PsiCop Alfred Bester: Got it in one, Garibaldi.

Captain John Sheridan: [Bester arrives in a Psi Corp Starfury] Mr. Bester, we no longer have any ties to Earth or to the Psi Corps. So we don't have to put up with *you* or your games. Now, I am sitting on four brand new uni-directional pulse cannons. Give me one good reason why I shouldn't blow you out of the sky.
PsiCop Alfred Bester: Because you're curious. Kill me and you'll never know what brought me all the way out here. I think if you weigh that against the brief satisfaction of blowing me out of the sky, you'll do the right thing.
[long pause]
PsiCop Alfred Bester: Captain?
Captain John Sheridan: I'm thinking it over.

"Babylon 5: Mind War (#1.6)" (1994)
PsiCop Alfred Bester: Anatomically impossible, Mr. Garibaldi. But you're welcome to try.

PsiCop Alfred Bester: That's a lie.
Cmdr. Jeffrey Sinclair: Yes, it is. What's your point?

[after watching the commanders report of what has happened during the episode]
PsiCop Alfred Bester: You realize of course my superiors will believe none of this?
Cmdr. Jeffrey Sinclair: Yes, especially since in about an hour we'll have a small accident in data storage that'll erase the file you just saw.
PsiCop Alfred Bester: So what do you suggest?
Michael Garibaldi: Something close to the truth: That Ironheart's ship escaped Babylon 5 but exploded before it could enter the jumpgate.
PsiCop Alfred Bester: And if I refuse?
Cmdr. Jeffrey Sinclair: Then my report will mention how you lied to us, endangered the station and through your interference caused the death of your fellow Psi Cop.
PsiCop Alfred Bester: Not much of a choice. Is it?
Cmdr. Jeffrey Sinclair: It gets better: Your report will indicate that Talia Winters was not responsible for her actions in helping Ironheart, that she was under his mental control and should not be penalized for her actions.
PsiCop Alfred Bester: That's a lie.
Cmdr. Jeffrey Sinclair: Yes, it is. What's your point?
Michael Garibaldi: There's a transport leaving for Earth in 20 minutes, Mr. Bester. Be on it.

"Babylon 5: Moments of Transition (#4.14)" (1997)
[Bester works on Lyta's feelings of being exploited]
Alfred Bester: I mean, being a freedom fighter, a - a force for good, it's - it's a wonderful thing. You get to make your own hours, looks good on a resume, but the pay - sucks.

Security Guard: Mind your own business.
Alfred Bester: [recites] "Humanity is my business."
[Guard shows no sign of understanding]
Alfred Bester: Marley to Scrooge. Dickens. A Christmas Carol.
[Guard looks puzzled]
Alfred Bester: Well, it's good to see they're continuing the fine tradition of hiring from the shallow end of the gene pool.

PsiCop Alfred Bester: Well, there is just no delicate way to say this.
PsiCop Alfred Bester: I want your body.
Lyta Alexander: [shouts] What? Are you out of your mind?

"Babylon 5: A Tragedy of Telepaths (#5.10)" (1998)
Alfred Bester: My people are in there. And several others just tried to kill me, but then, what family doesn't have its difficulties?

[Lochley and Zack are examining the injured after an attack by telepaths]
Capt. Elizabeth Lochley: This one's dead.
Zack Allan: So is he.
Capt. Elizabeth Lochley: Bester?
Alfred Bester: Fine. A little depressed about the inflation rate and hemlines are going down again, but otherwise...
Zack Allan: Shut up!

"Babylon 5: Phoenix Rising (#5.11)" (1998)
Alfred Bester: Every race to develop telepaths has had to find some way to control them, through laws, religion, drugs, or extermination. We may not be pretty, but we're a hell of a lot better than the alternatives.

[first lines]
Alfred Bester: A few words for those who've just arrived: A colony of rogue telepaths have been unwisely allowed to take up residence here. Since they are all humans, they fall under the jurisdiction of Earth law. The Alliance has agreed to respect the rights of each member world to control its own people. This leaves it to us. The rogues have engaged in unauthorized scans of several dozen ambassadors. They have extracted an unknown amount of privileged information intending to exchange those secrets for a Homeworld of their own. Since then, they've divided into two groups. Half of them are now holed up in Downbelow. They have reportedly begun a hunger strike, which they believe will create sympathy for their cause. This is all fine by me since it means that group one is already contained. Saving us the trouble. ...

"Babylon 5: Dust to Dust (#3.6)" (1996)
Alfred Bester: I'm in pursuit of an individual who's a danger to your station, Earth, and the Psi Corps.
Alfred Bester: Well, that's two legitimate things to worry about.

Alfred Bester: If I had my talent working, I could have warned you when he was coming.
Michael Garibaldi: And if I had a baseball bat, we could hang you from the ceiling and play piñata.
Alfred Bester: A piñata, huh? So, you think of me as something bright and cheerful, full of toys and candy for young children? Thank you! That makes me feel much better about our relationship.

"Babylon 5: Epiphanies (#4.7)" (1997)
Alfred Bester: Ms. Alexander has no business being here. She's a blip! By all rights, I should arrest her and take her back with me.
Capt. John Sheridan: Oh, you could do that. And I could nail your head to the table, set fire to it, and feed your charred remains to the Pak'ma'ra. But - it's an imperfect world, and we never get exactly what we want. So get used to it!

Alfred Bester: Whatever's happened to you, you have a moral obligation to share it with the Corps, Lyta. The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father.
Lyta Alexander: In that case, Mr. Bester, - I'm an orphan.

"Babylon 5: A Race Through Dark Places (#2.8)" (1995)
Alfred Bester: They must be getting desperate to try something like this. They know we're on to them. Why else would they try to kill me?
Cmdr. Susan Ivanova: Is this a multiple-choice question?