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Major Ed Ryan (Character)
from "Babylon 5" (1994)

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"Babylon 5: Severed Dreams (#3.10)" (1996)
Lt. David Corwin: Jumpgate activated. Here they come!
[Earthforce destroyers arrive through the jumpgate]
Capt. Dexter Smith: This is Captain Dexter Smith of the Earth Alliance Destroyer Agrippa to Babylon 5 and renegade ships. You are ordered to surrender your commands and prepare to be boarded.
Major Ed Ryan: Launch fighters.

Major Ed Ryan: Bring us in closer to the enemy.
Bill Trainor: How close?
Major Ed Ryan: Right down their throats!

Major Ed Ryan: [speaking into the comms] Hiroshi! Get out of there! Get to the lifepods.
Captain Sandra Hiroshi: Too late to get out! Our primary systems are hit. We've got fire on all decks now. There's nothing we can do now except...
Major Ed Ryan: Hiroshi? HIROSHI!
[Hiroshi rams her ship into another vessel]

Major Ed Ryan: Captain.
Captain John Sheridan: Major Ryan.
[looks behind him]
Captain John Sheridan: Where's General Hague?
Major Ed Ryan: General Hague was killed in our last firefight. We were coming back from a meeting with some officials on Orion 7 when we were ambushed. He was on his way to the command deck when we were hit amidships by the Clarkstown. In his absence, I've tried to carry on as best I can. Between this and what's been going on back home, the crew is... just stunned.
Captain John Sheridan: [continues] What's the latest on the coup?
Major Ed Ryan: A few senators have managed to escape Earthdome, shock troops are out in force everywhere, Paris, London, New York, Moscow, New Delhi.
Cmdr. Susan Ivanova: How are the folks back home dealing with all this?
Major Ed Ryan: That's the irony. Most of them have welcomed martial law. It's cut crime down to nothing. On the surface, it's peaceful.
Captain John Sheridan: Yeah, the peace of the gun.
Michael Garibaldi: Why haven't we seen any of this on ISN?
Major Ed Ryan: ISN is walking a fine line. They know if they push too far, they'll be shut down. We have one chance. Mars has rejected martial law. If they can stand up to Clark, they might be able to rally support from some of the other colony worlds and push him out of power.
Michael Garibaldi: Unless he pushes back.
Captain John Sheridan: Oh, he's overextended already. Ah, his power base is back on Earth where he has Nightwatch and the bulk of our forces.
Cmdr. Susan Ivanova: I just can't believe so many people in Earthforce would go along with all this.
Major Ed Ryan: He spent the last year putting his people in key places. Anyone who raises a voice is immediately arrested and charged with treason, Under conditions like that, it's... it's easier to keep quiet.
[link beeps]
Major Ed Ryan: Yeah?
Bill Trainor: We just intercepted a coded message from Earthforce Command. They've started bombing Mars. I repeat, they're bombing Mars.
[everyone reacts with disbelief]

Captain Sandra Hiroshi: Major Ryan, captain, we've just jumped in from Orion 7. They've declared independence.
Captain John Sheridan: We've heard. What's the reaction?
Captain Sandra Hiroshi: Clark's afraid of losing the other colonies, so he's sending elite forces to seize direct control of any colony or outpost that might move against him.
Major Ed Ryan: If he finds out we're here...
Captain Sandra Hiroshi: It's too late. He already knows. We intercepted attack orders relayed to the Agrippa and the Roanoke. They're hooking up with some heavy reinforcements on the way in.
Major Ed Ryan: We'd better pull out before we jeopardize Babylon 5 further.
Captain Sandra Hiroshi: Major, the ships receiving the attack order were already on their way here. He doesn't want to risk Babylon 5 breaking away. So those ships are ordered to seize command of Babylon 5, arrest and detain its captain and the rest of the command staff, and to put the station under the direct authority of President Clark and the Nightwatch.
Cmdr. Susan Ivanova: The other governments won't stand for it.
Major Ed Ryan: They won't intervene. All the major powers are divided, distracted, busy with their own wars. We're on our own.
Captain Sandra Hiroshi: I'm sorry to be the bearer of such bad news captain, but I thought you should know.
Captain John Sheridan: How long until they get here?
Captain Sandra Hiroshi: Six hours, tops. Maybe less.
Major Ed Ryan: I'd better get back to my ship. I should be there when the others arrive.
[sets mug he's holding on table and faces Sheridan]
Major Ed Ryan: If you think it would be any help, we could try to jump, maybe draw some of the fire away from Babylon 5, give you a chance to negotiate.
Captain John Sheridan: No. Thank you, Major. If this is where we make our stand then... this is where we'll do it.