Vance Duke
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Vance Duke (Character)
from "The Dukes of Hazzard" (1979)

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"The Dukes: The Dukes in Hong Kong (#1.10)" (1983)
Daisy Duke: What in thunder's goin' on?
Vance Duke: Sounds like a raid on a moonshine operation.
Coy Duke: Yeah, except we're miles and miles out to see.

Vance Duke: We'll have to wait till the guard's asleep.
Daisy Duke: Right, and after we escape we'll have to warn Boss Hogg & Rosco about what we just heard.
Coy Duke: Daisy, you sure have a way of taking the fun outta things.

Vance Duke: We gotta save Boss & Rosco, and that's that.
Daisy Duke: But how?
Vance Duke: By promotin' the General to Admiral.

"The Dukes: Put Up Your Dukes (#1.1)" (1983)
Daisy Duke: Oh, the turn-off at cousin Willy's place is just ahead.
Vance Duke: Sorry Daisy, thanks to Boss Hogg's dirty trick, we don't have time for visiting Willy like we planned.
Daisy Duke: Oh, fellas, we promised. Are you gonna let 'em think the US American Dukes don't keep their word?
Vance Duke: Ok, Daisy, you win. Tell 'em we're on our way
[hands over the CB]

Cousin Willy: Friend of yours?
Vance Duke: Not hardly. Us Dukes don't take up with flim-flammin' double crossers like him.

"The Dukes: Jungle Jitters (#1.2)" (1983)
Vance Duke: [referring to the natives] Haha, look at that. The General's got 'em on their knees. Maybe they'll think now that we're gods or such like.
Coy Duke: I hope so, 'cause I ain't much on being fed to volcanoes.
Daisy Duke: Me neither.

Vance Duke: Hey, I got me an idea. Remember that mineral spring back yonder?
[Daisy and Coy nod]
Vance Duke: Why don't we make ourselves some good old Hazzard county blastin' powder?

"The Dukes: The Dukes Do Paris (#1.12)" (1983)
Vance Duke: Now just a dog-gone ding dang minute, we're law-abiding U.S. of A. type citizens.
Daisy Duke: That's right, Inspector, and Boss Hogg's as crooked as a dog's hind legs!

"The Dukes: The Dukes in Urbekistan (#1.9)" (1983)
Daisy Duke: Look, it's Boss' Caddie.
Coy Duke: Boss' Caddie? He must have followed us.
Vance Duke: It looks like he's in big trouble. Flash is driving the car.

"The Dukes: The Greece Fleece (#1.7)" (1983)
Daisy Duke: I gotta be dreamin'!
Vance Duke: Somethin' sure smells like a swamp bottom around here.

"The Dukes: The Dukes in Switzerland (#1.13)" (1983)
Vance Duke: I got me a bad feeling about this.