Dr. Jack Munce
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Dr. Jack Munce (Character)
from The Forgotten (2004)

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The Forgotten (2004)
Dr. Jack Munce: Telly, you never had a son. Sometimes people go around and invent alternate lives, with imagined friends, and imagined families.
Telly Paretta: [shouts] Stop it! Why are you doing this?
Telly Paretta: I am not making him up!

[first lines]
Dr. Jack Munce: How much time did you spend at the dresser compared to last week?
Telly Paretta: Less.
Dr. Jack Munce: How much less?
Telly Paretta: I don't know exactly.
Dr. Jack Munce: You wanna make a guess, roughly, for the week?
Telly Paretta: Oh, not even an hour a day.