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Orsino (Character)
from Twelfth Night or What You Will (1996)

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Twelfth Night or What You Will (1996)
Orsino: There's for thy pains.
Feste: No pains, sir: I take pleasure in singing, sir.
Orsino: I'll pay thy pleasure then.
Feste: Truly, sir, and pleasure will be paid, one time or another.

Duke Orsino of Illyria: If music be the food of love, play on.

Duke Orsino: If this be so, as yet the glass seems true, I shall have share in this most happy wreck.
Duke Orsino: [to Viola/Cesario]
Duke Orsino: Boy, thou hast said to me a thousand times thou never shouldst love woman like to me.
Viola: And all those sayings will I overswear.
Duke Orsino: Give me thy hand. Your master quits you; and for your service done him, so much against the mettle of your sex, here is my hand. You shall from this time be your master's mistress.

Orsino: Make no compare Between that love a woman can bear me And that I owe Olivia.
Cesario: Ay, but I know...
Cesario: What dost thou know?
Cesario: Too well what love women to men may owe. In faith, they are as true of heart as we. My father had a daughter lov'd a man As it might be perhaps, were I a woman, I should your lordship.
Orsino: And what's her history?
Cesario: A blank, my lord. She never told her love, But let concealment, like a worm i' th' bud, Feed on her damask cheek. She pin'd in thought; And, with a green and yellow melancholy, She sat like Patience on a monument, Smiling at grief. Was not this love indeed? We men may say more, swear more; but indeed Our shows are more than will; for still we prove Much in our vows but little in our love.
Orsino: But died thy sister of her love, my boy?
Cesario: I am all the daughters of my father's house, And all the brothers too-and yet I know not.