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Stuart Little (Character)
from Stuart Little (1999)

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Stuart Little 2 (2002)
Stuart Little: Don't worry about Snowbell. He wouldn't hurt a fly.
[Outside, Snowbell catches a fly, eats it]
Snowbell: [burps] Oh, those flies really come back on ya!

Stuart Little: Little high, little low!
Mrs. Little: [from a distance] Little hey, little hoe.
Margalo: What the heck was that?
Stuart Little: Oh, that's just how we greet each other.
Margalo: Interesting.
Snowbell: Nauseating is more like it.

Stuart Little: [after Margalo disappears] She's in terrible trouble, and I have to help her. I mean, what am I, a man or a
Stuart Little: mouse?
Snowbell: Uh... is that a trick question?

George Little: [answering the phone] Stuart!
[very fast]
George Little: Stuart, where are you? How are you? Are you all right? Did you find her? How's Snowbell? When are you coming home? Mom and Dad are asking alotta questions.
Stuart Little: So are you.

Stuart Little: [using a pay phone] Snowbell, I need more change.
Snowbell: What do I look like, a fanny pack?

Snowbell: [after Stuart wakes him up] This better be important.
Stuart Little: Margalo's still missing.
Snowbell: I should have been more specific. I meant important to me.

Stuart Little: There is no silver lining!

Fredrick Little: Stuart?
Stuart Little: Yeah, Dad?
Fredrick Little: What's the silver lining this time?
Stuart Little: She'll be back in the spring.

Stuart Little: [as Stuart and Snowbell are out searching for Margalo] Don't worry, George is covering for us!
Snowbell: George? George doesn't know poop from applesauce! And I say that with a great deal of affection!

Stuart Little: [to Margalo, as the Falcon is attacking the toy plane] If I live through this, I'm sticking to painting and dancing!

Stuart Little: How can you think of eating at a time like this?
Snowbell: Look, I'm nervous. And when I'm nervous I eat. 'Cuz I know, in my growling gut, that if anything happens to you, I'll be blamed. I'm sure the Littles already know we're gone and are planning to replace me with a hampster.

Stuart Little: [as a newspaper falls on him] Oof, hey look! The Yankees won!

Snowbell: This is a sign, Stuart, like the burning bush, except its a carberator and I'm not Moses. But it's telling us something: Let your people go!
Stuart Little: We're not giving up!

Snowbell: Cats don't eat raisins! We have too much class. We eat fish byproducts. Also, I... need to go tinky.
Stuart Little: How about the alley?
Snowbell: An alley? I'm a cat! We're fastidious creatures. We use a litter box. We don't just yell 'Bombs away' and go wherever we are!

[Margalo leaves with the other birds to migrate South]
Fredrick Little: What's the "silver lining" Stuart?
Stuart Little: She'll be back in the spring.

[first lines]
Stuart Little: [as he grabs George's glasses] George, wake up.
[George is still sleeping]
Stuart Little: George!
George Little: [talking into his pillow] It's Saturday.
Stuart Little: I know. But it's the first day of Soccer. It's our first game.
George Little: [wakes up and puts his glasses on] Soccer? Uh... I can't today. I caught a cold while sleeping.
[George sneezes]
Stuart Little: You'll be fine. Come on, come on. It's gonna be great.
[Stuart takes his pajama top off and kicks it into the laundry hamper like a soccer ball]
Stuart Little: We're gonna play like Brazilians!
[George goes back to sleep, unfulfilled]

[at breakfast]
Mrs. Little: [hands Stuart his plate] Here you go.
Stuart Little: Thanks, Mom.
Mrs. Little: Stuart, don't forget your water bottle. George...
Fredrick Little: ...don't forget your cleats.
Fredrick Little: [to Mrs. Little] My, you're looking lovely this morning.
Mrs. Little: [as her husband kisses her] Well, some people just know how to wear oatmeal.
Mrs. Little: [feeding Martha] OK, open up.
Martha Little: Blah... blah.
Mrs. Little: [surprised, sharing the news to the other family members] Did you hear that? She said "Blah... blah"! I can't believe it! Her first word!
[George rolls his eyes at Stuart, as Stuart gives smile to George]
Mrs. Little: Where's the baby book? I'm writing it down.
Fredrick Little: [as he's packing food] I'm not sure that's technically, you know, a word.
Mrs. Little: Well, of course it is. But you know, Uncle Crenshaw says that every Little starts talking by 9 months.
Fredrick Little: Or in Uncle Crenshaw's case, never stops.
Stuart Little: Are you both coming to the game?
Fredrick Little: Wouldn't miss it!
Mrs. Little: [to Mr. Little] Frederick, this soccer game is making me very...
Fredrick Little: Proud?
Mrs. Little: Anxious... especially about...
[Stuart grabs some jelly from the jar and slips]
Stuart Little: I'm fine.
Fredrick Little: He's fine.
Mrs. Little: All those boys stomping around in cleats. What if someone...
[makes a smashing gesture]
Fredrick Little: Oh, Honey. He's a Little. All Littles are natural athletes.

[Mr. Little is struggling to get a jar of pickles open]
Mrs. Little: Do you need...
Fredrick Little: Could you?
[Mrs. Little pops the top off the pickle jar]
Fredrick Little: [Martha throws her dish on the floor]
Mrs. Little: [grabbing Martha from her high chair] OK, that's it for you.
Mrs. Little: [to Snowbell] Snow, food.
Snowbell: [running down the stairs] "Food"? Is it tuna or herring? Or dare I say it, is it lox? Oh, please be lox!
Mrs. Little: [to Snowbell; Picks up the bowl leaving the food] Snow, that's for you.
Fredrick Little: How about it, boys? Are you ready to play some soccer?
Stuart Little: You bet, Dad!
Snowbell: [disgusted] Oh, it's glop. Look what I'm reduced to. I'm a handy wipe with hair.

[Stuart has started the plane by accident; George and Will are playing a video game upstairs]
Will: Hey, what's that noise?
George Little: Sounds like a lawn mower.
Will: Inside the house?
Will, George Little: [alarmed] Stuart!
[the boys rush downstairs to find the plane has started with Stuart in the cockpit]
George Little: Stuart, what are you doing?
Stuart Little: I'm not doing anything!
George Little: Pull the break!
[Stuart pulls the break, and flies to another part of the house]
Stuart Little: [to George] Get the book!
Will: This is cool. All my brother does is jam crayons up his nose.
George Little: [reading the instruction booklet] It says here, "On takeoff, pull back on the throttle".
Stuart Little: "Take off"? I'm already in the air!
[Stuart flies over George and Will's heads]
Stuart Little: Snowbell, get out of the way!
Snowbell: [running] Please don't hurt me!
[Mr. Little is upstairs]
Fredrick Little: [to George and Will] What's going on?
Will: Oh, nothing. Stuart is just flying in the house.
[Mr. Little sighs, but then becomes alarmed]
Fredrick Little: [shouting] Flying in the house?
George Little: At least he's indoors, nothing bad can happen.
Stuart Little: Watch out! Hit the dirt!
[Stuart flies over the boys' heads again, as Mrs. Little opens the door, holding a bouquet of flowers]
Mrs. Little: [as Stuart crashes into the flowers] Stuart!

Snowbell: Now, pay attention. What do you know about a bird called 'Falcon'?
Monty: Falcon? Ooh, that's a bad guy. You don't wanna fool with him.
Stuart Little: You know where we can find him?
Monty: You don't wanna find him. You don't want anything to do with him. Trust me. He'd eat you so fast, you'd be a pile of falcon poop before you could yell for help. Falcons are vicious. They grab you by the back of the neck and carry you so high you can't even see the ground, and then they drop you. And by the time you hit the pavement, they just drink what's left through a straw.
Stuart Little: Snowbell, are you all right?
Snowbell: Oh sure. In fact, I no longer need a litterbox.
Monty: [laughs] Mop up on aisle three! Snowy!

Stuart Little (1999)
Stuart Little: Snow, where are you going?
Snowbell: Oh, I gotta yawn, stare at traffic, lick myself. And believe me, that could take hours if you do it right.

Monty, the Mouth: Aren't you gonna' run?
Stuart Little: Why?
Monty, the Mouth: 'cause you're a mouse.
Stuart Little: I'm not just a mouse. I'm a member of this family.
Monty, the Mouth: A mouse with a pet cat?
[rolls over and laughs out loud, repeating that line over again]
Stuart Little: I guess that's pretty funny!
Monty, the Mouth: Pretty funny? I'm gonna wet my fur! A MOUSE WITH A PET CAT!
[laughs hard more, and looks down at Snowbell, who is embarrassed]
Monty, the Mouth: Your new little master? Wait 'til the boys hear all about this!
Snowbell: Ah, the humiliation!
[to Stuart]
Snowbell: I'm going to kill you!

Stuart Little: So, what do I call you?
Mrs. Little: Mom.
Mr. Little: And Dad.
Mrs. Little: We haven't told you the best news of all.
Mr. Little: You have a brother, named George.
Stuart Little: What do I call him?
Mrs. Little: George.

Stuart Little: I'm so happy! I... I feel 10 inches tall!

[when Snowbell spots Stuart lying in bed]
Snowbell: Are you cozy?
Stuart Little: Yes, thanks. I'm quite comfortable.
Snowbell: All I've got to sleep on is a rag in the corner, you little rat!

Stuart Little: Now I know that fairy tales are real.
Snowbell: [From the top of the stairs] Fairy tales are real? Oy, I think I'm gonna cough up a furball.

Stuart Little: You seem tense!
Snowbell: Tense? Oh, I'm - I'm way, way past tense
Stuart Little: Well, maybe I could help. Can I scratch your ears? I could rub your tummy.
Snowbell: How'd you like to rub it from the INSIDE, mouse-boy?
Stuart Little: I'm a little confused. I thought that's what you did with a pet.
Snowbell: A Pet? I am not your pet! I'm a cat, you're a mouse. You should be livin' in a hole. This is my family.
Stuart Little: Can we share them?
Snowbell: Read my furry pink lips. "No!"

Stuart Little: Good-bye, fake father! Good-bye, fake mother!
Mrs. Stout: Good-bye, fake son!
[Stuart drives off in the toy car]
Mrs. Stout: I'm gonna miss that boy.
Mr. Stout: I'm gonna miss that car.

[Stuart is trapped in a washing machine which is filling up]
Stuart Little: Turn if off!
Snowbell: Why would I turn it off? It's my favorite show.

Smokey: How you doing? You must be Stuart.
Stuart Little: Actually... I must be going.
[Gets back into his little car]
Lucky: What's your hurry, Murray?
Red: Yeah, where ya going, Murray - - Urm Stuart. What's his name?

Smokey: Say good night... Tinkerbell.
[Snowbell gulps]
Stuart Little: Hey, Smokey! His name is Snowbell!
[Smacks him off the tree with a branch]