Mr. Frederick Little
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Mr. Frederick Little (Character)
from Stuart Little (1999)

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Stuart Little 2 (2002)
Fredrick Little: Now, now. If there's a problem I simply pull on this string...
[he does and it breaks]
Fredrick Little: Well, now you can be upset.

George Little: Am I in trouble?
Fredrick Little: No, son, you're not in trouble.
[George smiles]
Fredrick Little: You're in BIG trouble!
[George frowns when he hears this]

[the Littles have just discovered Stuart's red roadster stripped]
Mrs. Little: Who would do such a thing?
Fredrick Little: Tiny little vandals!

Fredrick Little: Stuart?
Stuart Little: Yeah, Dad?
Fredrick Little: What's the silver lining this time?
Stuart Little: She'll be back in the spring.

[Margalo leaves with the other birds to migrate South]
Fredrick Little: What's the "silver lining" Stuart?
Stuart Little: She'll be back in the spring.

[at breakfast]
Mrs. Little: [hands Stuart his plate] Here you go.
Stuart Little: Thanks, Mom.
Mrs. Little: Stuart, don't forget your water bottle. George...
Fredrick Little: ...don't forget your cleats.
Fredrick Little: [to Mrs. Little] My, you're looking lovely this morning.
Mrs. Little: [as her husband kisses her] Well, some people just know how to wear oatmeal.
Mrs. Little: [feeding Martha] OK, open up.
Martha Little: Blah... blah.
Mrs. Little: [surprised, sharing the news to the other family members] Did you hear that? She said "Blah... blah"! I can't believe it! Her first word!
[George rolls his eyes at Stuart, as Stuart gives smile to George]
Mrs. Little: Where's the baby book? I'm writing it down.
Fredrick Little: [as he's packing food] I'm not sure that's technically, you know, a word.
Mrs. Little: Well, of course it is. But you know, Uncle Crenshaw says that every Little starts talking by 9 months.
Fredrick Little: Or in Uncle Crenshaw's case, never stops.
Stuart Little: Are you both coming to the game?
Fredrick Little: Wouldn't miss it!
Mrs. Little: [to Mr. Little] Frederick, this soccer game is making me very...
Fredrick Little: Proud?
Mrs. Little: Anxious... especially about...
[Stuart grabs some jelly from the jar and slips]
Stuart Little: I'm fine.
Fredrick Little: He's fine.
Mrs. Little: All those boys stomping around in cleats. What if someone...
[makes a smashing gesture]
Fredrick Little: Oh, Honey. He's a Little. All Littles are natural athletes.

[Mr. Little is struggling to get a jar of pickles open]
Mrs. Little: Do you need...
Fredrick Little: Could you?
[Mrs. Little pops the top off the pickle jar]
Fredrick Little: [Martha throws her dish on the floor]
Mrs. Little: [grabbing Martha from her high chair] OK, that's it for you.
Mrs. Little: [to Snowbell] Snow, food.
Snowbell: [running down the stairs] "Food"? Is it tuna or herring? Or dare I say it, is it lox? Oh, please be lox!
Mrs. Little: [to Snowbell; Picks up the bowl leaving the food] Snow, that's for you.
Fredrick Little: How about it, boys? Are you ready to play some soccer?
Stuart Little: You bet, Dad!
Snowbell: [disgusted] Oh, it's glop. Look what I'm reduced to. I'm a handy wipe with hair.

[Stuart has started the plane by accident; George and Will are playing a video game upstairs]
Will: Hey, what's that noise?
George Little: Sounds like a lawn mower.
Will: Inside the house?
Will, George Little: [alarmed] Stuart!
[the boys rush downstairs to find the plane has started with Stuart in the cockpit]
George Little: Stuart, what are you doing?
Stuart Little: I'm not doing anything!
George Little: Pull the break!
[Stuart pulls the break, and flies to another part of the house]
Stuart Little: [to George] Get the book!
Will: This is cool. All my brother does is jam crayons up his nose.
George Little: [reading the instruction booklet] It says here, "On takeoff, pull back on the throttle".
Stuart Little: "Take off"? I'm already in the air!
[Stuart flies over George and Will's heads]
Stuart Little: Snowbell, get out of the way!
Snowbell: [running] Please don't hurt me!
[Mr. Little is upstairs]
Fredrick Little: [to George and Will] What's going on?
Will: Oh, nothing. Stuart is just flying in the house.
[Mr. Little sighs, but then becomes alarmed]
Fredrick Little: [shouting] Flying in the house?
George Little: At least he's indoors, nothing bad can happen.
Stuart Little: Watch out! Hit the dirt!
[Stuart flies over the boys' heads again, as Mrs. Little opens the door, holding a bouquet of flowers]
Mrs. Little: [as Stuart crashes into the flowers] Stuart!

Stuart Little (1999)
George Little: Maybe we should go home.
Mr. Little: Why?
George Little: I'm not wearing my lucky underwear.
Mr. Little: You don't have lucky underwear.
George Little: Well, maybe we should get some, and then come back for another race.

Stuart Little: So, what do I call you?
Mrs. Little: Mom.
Mr. Little: And Dad.
Mrs. Little: We haven't told you the best news of all.
Mr. Little: You have a brother, named George.
Stuart Little: What do I call him?
Mrs. Little: George.

Mrs. Eleanor Little: George, have you seen Stuart?
George Little: He's down here with me.
Mr. Frederick Little: [whispering out] What are you doing to him?

Mrs. Little: He hates us.
Mr. Little: We've never been hated before...