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Hal Weidmann (Character)
from America's Sweethearts (2001)

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America's Sweethearts (2001)
Hal Weidmann: Love is a bridge built between two people. We want what exists between them to be real. My name is Hal Weidmann. The film you are about to see is Time Over Time, or is it? The details are unimportant. Simply put, the script was shit. I tossed it. I instead decided to let the camera capture real life. I filmed my actors without their knowledge. I let the camera run after takes. I placed hidden cameras around the set. The end result is a story far more involving than anything manufactured by actors and writers. This is real life. The juice. The stink. The glory.

Hector: [points to Hal] I will kick your ass! Okay? Understand that!
Hal Weidmann: Who are you?
Hector: Who am I? I am de ass kicker of you!

Kingman: [on the phone] Hi, Hal? How are you, darling? I've been thinking about you cause I... I wanted to... to... to send you a basket or something. How's the movie?
Hal Weidmann: It's finding its way.
Kingman: Well, do you think it could find its way to the studio? Because we have a few little things to do with it, like *finish* it.
Hal Weidmann: It's finished, Dave.
Kingman: Oh. Great! How is it?
Hal Weidmann: My mother thinks it's the best thing I've ever done.
Kingman: Can I speak with her?
Hal Weidmann: No, Dave.
Kingman: Can we send someone to pick it up, Hal?
Hal Weidmann: You know, Dave, you haven't said anything yet about the titles.
Kingman: Oh. Oh, I love them. I have no notes.
Hal Weidmann: When's the press junket?
Kingman: [apprehensively] Weekend of the 21st. Why?
Hal Weidmann: Cause I want the press to be the first to see it.
Kingman: No...
Hal Weidmann: I'll bring it to the junket. We'll all experience it together.
Kingman: No, Hal! No, no, no! No, no, I'm the head of the studio! I don't experience things with the press!
Hal Weidmann: I'm hanging up now, Dave.