Zeke Baylor
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Zeke Baylor (Character)
from High School Musical (2006) (TV)

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High School Musical (2006) (TV)
Zeke: [after Sharpay walks through the hall] I guess the ice princess has come back from the North Pole.
Chad: She probably spent the holidays the way she always does.
Jason: How's that?
Chad: Shopping for mirrors.
Jason: Ooooh.

[last lines]
Sharpay: [running in the gym door] These cookies are genius. The best things I've ever tasted. Will you make some more for me, Zeke?
[runs up to Zeke and hugs him]
Zeke: I might even make you a creme brulee.
Sharpay: Ooh.

Zeke: Hey Sharpay. I just thought that since Troy Bolton was going to be in your show, I...
Sharpay: Troy Bolton is not in my show.
Zeke: Okay, um, well I just thought maybe, um, you could watch me play ball sometime or something.
Sharpay: [laughs] I'd rather stick pins in my eyes.
Zeke: Well, wouldn't that be awfully uncomfortable?
Sharpay: Evaporate, tall person!

Troy Bolton: What's up?
Chad: What's up? Oh let's see, um, you miss free period workout yesterday to audition for some heinous musical, and now suddenly people are confessing. Yeah, Zeke, Zeke is baking. Crème brûlée.
Troy Bolton: Oh. What's that?
Zeke: Oh, it's a creamy custard-like filling with a caramelized surface, it's really satisfying.
Troy Bolton: Oh, cool.
Zeke: Shut *up*, Zeke!

Troy Bolton: And you're not gonna hear me sing, guys, 'cause Gabriella won't even talk to me. And I don't know why.
Chad: Um, we do.
Zeke: [taking something out of his lunch bag] Here, I baked this fresh this morning. You might want to try some before you hear the rest.

High School Musical 2 (2007) (TV)
Mrs. Bolton: [Walks in to the boys playing basketball in the kitchen and corrals them] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Can we all redirect this energy by carrying in the groceries?
Jason Cross, Troy Bolton, Jack Bolton, Chad Danforth, Zeke Baylor: Yes, Mrs. Bolton.

High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008)
Troy Bolton: [talking to basketball team] Who washed their lucky socks? Out lucky socks that we've worn for three straight play-off games...
[hits shoe]
Troy Bolton: ... games that we won!
Chad Danforth: Mine never left my locker all season.
Troy Bolton: Jason?
Jason Cross: [shrugs] I keep mine in my lunch bag.
Troy Bolton: Zeke?
Zeke Baylor: I vacuum pack mine.
Troy Bolton: There's my team.