Martha Cox
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Martha Cox (Character)
from High School Musical (2006) (TV)

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High School Musical (2006) (TV)
Martha Cox: Hip hop is my passion. I love to pop, and lock, and jam, and break.
Brainiac #1: Is that even legal?
Brainiacs: Not another peep.
Martha Cox: It's just dancing. Sometimes I think it's cooler than homework.

High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008)
Chad Danforth: [Embarrassed about asking Taylor to prom in the middle of the lunchroom. Practically whispering] So, uh, hey. I was kinda wondering if you'd maybe go with me.
Taylor McKessie: Oh, hey Chad. They have tuna surprise on the menu. It's good. Really good.
Chad Danforth: [to Troy] Dude.
[Troy shrugs]
Chad Danforth: Taylor, hey, I'm, I'm asking you to prom.
Taylor McKessie: Oh, I'm sorry, I can't hear you 'cause it's so loud in here.
[to Kelsi]
Taylor McKessie: Did you hear something?
Kelsi Nielsen: No.
Martha Cox: Neither did I.
Chad Danforth: [to Troy] Dude.
Troy Bolton: Okay, uh,
[to the students in the lunchroom]
Troy Bolton: excuse me. Excuse me, everybody.
Chad Danforth: What are you...
Troy Bolton: Uh,
Troy Bolton: *yo*!
[Everyone quiets down and looks at them]
Chad Danforth: [In shock that he has everyone's attention] Oh.
Troy Bolton: My friend has something to say.
Chad Danforth: [Climbs up on a table] Taylor McKessie, will you *please* be my date to the Senior Prom?
Taylor McKessie: [Leans in with Gabriella, Kelsi and Martha, talking quietly. After a moment, she stands] I'd be honored!
[Hugs him, then starts talking excitedly with the girls]
Chad Danforth: [to Troy as they're walking away] Dude, I need to go shoot some hoops, or something.
Troy Bolton: [Claps him on the back] You nailed it, man!