Taylor McKessie
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Taylor McKessie (Character)
from High School Musical (2006) (TV)

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High School Musical (2006) (TV)
Troy Bolton: Callbacks the same day as the game?
Gabrilla Montez: And the scholastic decathlon!
Taylor: Why would they do this?
Chad: I smell a rat named Darbus...
Kelsi: Actually, I think it's two rats, neither of them named Darbus.
Chad: Do you know something about this... small person?
Kelsi: [sighs] Miss Darbus might think she's protecting the show, but Ryan and Sharpay are pretty much only concerned with protecting *themselves*.
Chad: Do you know what I'm gonna do to those two overmoussed showdogs?
Troy Bolton: Nothing. We're not gonna do anything to them. Except sing... maybe. All right. Now this is only going to happen; if we all work together... Now who's in?
[Everyone joins hands]

Chad: So, you're coming with me to the after-party, right?
Taylor: As in, like, a date?
Chad: Must be your lucky day.

Ms. Darbus: That'll be 15 minutes for you as well, Mr. Danforth. Count 'em!
Taylor: That might be difficult for Chad, since he probably can't count that high.

Taylor: [the basketball team walks past cheering. To her brainy friends] Ugh, behold the zoo animals heralding in the new year. How tribal.

Gabrilla Montez: Why is everybody staring at you?
Taylor: Not me, you.
Gabrilla Montez: Because of the callbacks? I can't have people staring at me. I really can't.

Chad: [Looks at the three watches he has on his wrist] Okay, so, my watch is 7:45 Mountain Standard Time. Are we synced?
Taylor: Whatever.
Chad: All right. Then we're on a go mode for lunch period. Exactly 12:05.
Taylor: Yes, Chad. We're a go.
[Waves her hand in front of his face]
Taylor: But we're not Charlie's Angels, okay?
Chad: I can dream, can't I?

Gabrilla Montez: Did you ever feel like there was a whole other person inside you just looking for a way to come out?
Taylor: No. Not really.

Taylor: The answer is yes!
Gabrilla Montez: Huh?
Taylor: Our Scholastic Decathlon team has its first competition next week and there is certainly a spot for you!
Gabrilla Montez: Where did those come from?
Taylor: Didn't you put them in my locker?
Gabrilla Montez: Of course not...
Taylor: Well, we'd love to have you on the team! We meet almost everyday after school. Please?
Gabrilla Montez: I need to catch up on the curriculum here first before I think about joining any clubs.
Sharpay: [walking over] Well, what a perfect way to get caught up. Meeting with the smartest kids in school! What a generous offer, Taylor!

Troy Bolton: [Unaware that he's being watched by Gabriella] You're my guys and this is our team. Gabriella is not important. I'll forget about her. I'll forget the audition and we'll go out and get that champion for the team. Everybody happy now?
Taylor: Behold lunkhead basketball man.

Gabrilla Montez: How well do you know Troy Bolton?
Taylor: Troy? Well, I don't consider myself an expert on that particular sub-species. But, unless you know how to speak cheerleader, as in...
[walks up to a group of cheerleaders]
Taylor: "Ohmygosh, isn't Troy Bolton just the hottie superbomb?"
[cheerleaders swoon over Troy]
Taylor: See what I mean?
Gabrilla Montez: [laughs] I guess I don't know how to speak cheerleader!
Taylor: Which is why we exist in an alternate universe from Troy the basketball boy.

High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008)
Taylor McKessie: [Chad has just made a comment about needing a tux for prom, just assuming Taylor is going with him] Oh, honey. If that's what you call an invitation, you'll be
[Elbows the basketball out of his hand]
Taylor McKessie: dancing with yourself.

Chad Danforth: [Embarrassed about asking Taylor to prom in the middle of the lunchroom. Practically whispering] So, uh, hey. I was kinda wondering if you'd maybe go with me.
Taylor McKessie: Oh, hey Chad. They have tuna surprise on the menu. It's good. Really good.
Chad Danforth: [to Troy] Dude.
[Troy shrugs]
Chad Danforth: Taylor, hey, I'm, I'm asking you to prom.
Taylor McKessie: Oh, I'm sorry, I can't hear you 'cause it's so loud in here.
[to Kelsi]
Taylor McKessie: Did you hear something?
Kelsi Nielsen: No.
Martha Cox: Neither did I.
Chad Danforth: [to Troy] Dude.
Troy Bolton: Okay, uh,
[to the students in the lunchroom]
Troy Bolton: excuse me. Excuse me, everybody.
Chad Danforth: What are you...
Troy Bolton: Uh,
Troy Bolton: *yo*!
[Everyone quiets down and looks at them]
Chad Danforth: [In shock that he has everyone's attention] Oh.
Troy Bolton: My friend has something to say.
Chad Danforth: [Climbs up on a table] Taylor McKessie, will you *please* be my date to the Senior Prom?
Taylor McKessie: [Leans in with Gabriella, Kelsi and Martha, talking quietly. After a moment, she stands] I'd be honored!
[Hugs him, then starts talking excitedly with the girls]
Chad Danforth: [to Troy as they're walking away] Dude, I need to go shoot some hoops, or something.
Troy Bolton: [Claps him on the back] You nailed it, man!

Taylor McKessie: [to the Wildcats] This year is the Last Waltz, but don't be the last to get your tickets.

Chad Danforth: [Chad and Troy walk into the room where Taylor and Gabriella are editing the yearbook. Chad sets a pan of brownies in front of Taylor] Those are compliments of Zeke. Be Careful, they're still hot.
Taylor McKessie: Okay.
Troy Bolton: But he doesn't tknow they're gone yet, so you have to eat all the evidence.
Gabriella Montez: Kissing up to the yearbook editors. It's a very smart move.
Troy Bolton: Well, Chad's hoping for two pages on himself. And maybe even a third page, just for his hair.
Chad Danforth: Hey, what's right is right.

High School Musical 2 (2007) (TV)
Chad Danforth: Mr. Fulton, Your Excellency, Sir. Would it be okay if we draw straws to see who has to wait on Sharpay?
Mr. Fulton: Please. None of you will be waiting on Sharpay.
Chad Danforth: Oh, yes. Snap.
Mr. Fulton: You will be serving Miss Evans.
Jason Cross: Who's that?
Mr. Fulton: Always address our members as Mr., Mrs., or Miss.
Taylor McKessie: [Whispers to Chad] Do we have to?
Mr. Fulton: Let's practice, shall we?
[to Jason]
Mr. Fulton: "Miss Evans, would you care for a lemonade?"
Jason Cross: Actually, I'm not Miss Evans. I'm Jason.
[Holds out hand to shake. Everyone groans]

Taylor McKessie: [about Sharpay] That girl's got more moves than an octopus in a wrestling match.
Chad Danforth: [about Troy] Nah. He knows how to swim.