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Chad Danforth (Character)
from High School Musical (2006) (TV)

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High School Musical (2006) (TV)
[repeated line]
The Basketball team: WILDCATS.
The Basketball team: WILDCATS.
The Basketball team: WILDCATS.
The Basketball team: GETCHA' HEAD IN THE GAME.

Chad: [Gabriella has spilled her lunch on Sharpay. Troy tries to run over and help Gabriella, but Chad holds him back] No. You do *not* want to get into that, man. Too much drama.

Zeke: [after Sharpay walks through the hall] I guess the ice princess has come back from the North Pole.
Chad: She probably spent the holidays the way she always does.
Jason: How's that?
Chad: Shopping for mirrors.
Jason: Ooooh.

Troy Bolton: Callbacks the same day as the game?
Gabrilla Montez: And the scholastic decathlon!
Taylor: Why would they do this?
Chad: I smell a rat named Darbus...
Kelsi: Actually, I think it's two rats, neither of them named Darbus.
Chad: Do you know something about this... small person?
Kelsi: [sighs] Miss Darbus might think she's protecting the show, but Ryan and Sharpay are pretty much only concerned with protecting *themselves*.
Chad: Do you know what I'm gonna do to those two overmoussed showdogs?
Troy Bolton: Nothing. We're not gonna do anything to them. Except sing... maybe. All right. Now this is only going to happen; if we all work together... Now who's in?
[Everyone joins hands]

Chad: Look, you're a hoops dude. Not a musical singer person. Have you ever seen Michael Crawford on a cereal box?
Troy Bolton: Who's Michael Crawford?
Chad: Exactly my point. He was the "Phantom of the Opera" on Broadway. Now my mom, she's seen that musical 27 times and she put Michael Crawford's picture in our refrigerator. Not on it. IN it. So my point is, if you play basketball, you'll end up on the cereal box. If you sing in musicals, you'll end up in my mom's refrigerator.
Troy Bolton: Why would she put his picture in your refrigerator?
Chad: I don't know, one of her crazy diet ideas. Look, I don't attempt to understand the female mind, Troy.
Chad: [Miss Fallstaff, the librarian, appears] It's frightening territory.
[Troy sits down at a table and takes out a pencil and a piece of paper]
Chad: How can you expect the rest of us to be focused on a game when you're off somewhere in leotards singing 'Twinkle Town'...
Troy Bolton: [cutting off Chad] No one said *anything* about leotards.
Chad: Not yet my friend, but just you wait.
Troy Bolton: [Gives Chad a really weirded out look]
Chad: [Miss Fallstaff appears] I tried to tell him, Miss Falstaff. I really did.
Troy Bolton: [Looks like he's thinking]

Chad: So, you're coming with me to the after-party, right?
Taylor: As in, like, a date?
Chad: Must be your lucky day.

Chad: Look, that music in those shows isn't hip-hop, okay, or rock, or anything essential to culture. It's all show music. It's all costumes and makeup... oh, dude, it's frightening.
Troy Bolton: Yeah, I know. I just thought it would be a good laugh.

Chad: Hey, the whole team's htting the gym for free period, what do you want us to run?
Troy Bolton: I can't - I, uh, have to catch up on, uh, homework.
Chad: What? It's only the second day back, even I'm not even behind on homework yet. And I've been behind on homework since preschool.
Troy Bolton: [laugh] That's hilarious. I'll catch you later?

Troy Bolton: Sharpay's kinda cute too.
Chad: Yeah, so is a mountain lion, but you don't pet it.

Chad: What spell has this elevated IQ temptress girl cast that suddenly makes you wanna be in a musical?
Troy Bolton: Look, I just did it. Who cares?
Chad: Who cares? How about your most loyal best friend?

Troy Bolton: What's up?
Chad: What's up? Oh let's see, um, you miss free period workout yesterday to audition for some heinous musical, and now suddenly people are confessing. Yeah, Zeke, Zeke is baking. Crème brûlée.
Troy Bolton: Oh. What's that?
Zeke: Oh, it's a creamy custard-like filling with a caramelized surface, it's really satisfying.
Troy Bolton: Oh, cool.
Zeke: Shut *up*, Zeke!

Troy Bolton: So dude, you know that school musical thing? Umm, is it true you get extra credit just for auditioning?
Chad: Who cares?
Troy Bolton: You know it's always good to get extra credit, for... college.
Chad: Do you ever think Lebron James or Shaquille O'Neil auditioned for their school musical?
Troy Bolton: Maybe?

Chad: [after "Stick to the Status Quo" is sung] People are starting to do other stuff. Okay, stuff that's not their stuff.

Chad: [Looks at the three watches he has on his wrist] Okay, so, my watch is 7:45 Mountain Standard Time. Are we synced?
Taylor: Whatever.
Chad: All right. Then we're on a go mode for lunch period. Exactly 12:05.
Taylor: Yes, Chad. We're a go.
[Waves her hand in front of his face]
Taylor: But we're not Charlie's Angels, okay?
Chad: I can dream, can't I?

Troy Bolton: And you're not gonna hear me sing, guys, 'cause Gabriella won't even talk to me. And I don't know why.
Chad: Um, we do.
Zeke: [taking something out of his lunch bag] Here, I baked this fresh this morning. You might want to try some before you hear the rest.

Chad: [interrupting Troy and Gabriella's kiss] The team voted you the winning ball.
[shoves it in Troy's arms]
Troy Bolton: Thanks, thanks a lot man.

Troy Bolton: I thought you were my friends! Win together, lose together, teammates.
Chad: But suddenly the girl and the singing.

High School Musical 2 (2007) (TV)
Chad Danforth: Mr. Fulton, Your Excellency, Sir. Would it be okay if we draw straws to see who has to wait on Sharpay?
Mr. Fulton: Please. None of you will be waiting on Sharpay.
Chad Danforth: Oh, yes. Snap.
Mr. Fulton: You will be serving Miss Evans.
Jason Cross: Who's that?
Mr. Fulton: Always address our members as Mr., Mrs., or Miss.
Taylor McKessie: [Whispers to Chad] Do we have to?
Mr. Fulton: Let's practice, shall we?
[to Jason]
Mr. Fulton: "Miss Evans, would you care for a lemonade?"
Jason Cross: Actually, I'm not Miss Evans. I'm Jason.
[Holds out hand to shake. Everyone groans]

[after the Evans family hit the golf balls in random directions and walk off]
Chad Danforth: Where did it...
Troy Bolton: I have no idea.

Chad Danforth: Next time I see Country Club Princess, I'm gonna launch her and her pink cart straight into the lake.
Troy Bolton: I'll build the ramp, buddy.

Chad Danforth: [about their Star Dazzle performance] All right, look, if you wanna play ball, then grab a mitt. But I don't dance.
Ryan Evans: You don't think dancing takes some game?
Chad Danforth: You got game?
Ryan Evans: [Smirks] A little.

Chad Danforth: [after the baseball game] All right, so you call that a "little" game?
Ryan Evans: Little League. World Series.
[clears throat]
Ryan Evans: Newport, Rhode Island. Champions.

Taylor McKessie: [about Sharpay] That girl's got more moves than an octopus in a wrestling match.
Chad Danforth: [about Troy] Nah. He knows how to swim.

Troy Bolton: [British accent] How shall we get the food today, chap?
Chad Danforth: [British accent] Hmm, I don't know. Perhaps skipping?
Troy Bolton: [British accent] Ah! Very well then.
Chad Danforth: [links arms with Troy, still using British accent] Shall we?
Troy Bolton: [skipping with Chad] Hipty skipty. Hipty skipty. Hipty Skipty. Hipty Skipty.
Chad Danforth: [during Troy's 'hipty skipty' chant, while skipping along side him] Bom Bom Bom! Bom Bom Bom! Bom Bom Bom Bom Bom Bom Bom Bom Bom Bom

Troy Bolton: Dude, Ms. Darbus has snapped her cap!
Chad Danforth: Dude, you're actually listening?

Chad Danforth: [to Troy] Listen: We've been like brothers since preschool! If I don't know who you are these days, then who does?

Chad Danforth: [about Sharpay] That girl needs to take up knitting... or some sport where she can only injure herself.

Mr. Fulton: Danforth. Bolton. You're caddying today. Fourty dollars a bag. You've been requested.
Chad Danforth: What?
Troy Bolton: By who?
Chad Danforth: Dude, who cares? For 40 bucks, I'd caddy for Godzilla.
Mr. Fulton: Close. Very close.

[first lines]
Ms. Darbus: You must remember, young thespians, learning is never seasonal, so do allow the shimmering lights of Summer to refresh and illuminate your fertile young minds.
Chad Danforth: What is she talking about?

Chad Danforth: Suddenly, I'm beginning to miss detention with Ms. Darbus. How sick is that?
Troy Bolton: Come on, we got a hoop out back, two free meals a day, and we only have to wear these stupid outfits on duty.

Troy Bolton: Your summer activities consultant has arrived.
Gabriella Montez: Hopefully some of those activities will include a job.
Troy Bolton: Hey, whatever happens, as long as we're together, it's cool, right?
Gabriella Montez: You promise?
Troy Bolton: Here's my promise.
[Puts the T necklace on Gabriella]
Gabriella Montez: T as in Troy?
Troy Bolton: Well, I... Yeah.
Troy Bolton: [They're about to kiss but some kid comes up to Troy with a year book] Hey man, how's it going?
[Signs book]
Troy Bolton: There you go, boss.
[Leans in to kiss Gabriella again]
Chad Danforth: [Interrupts] Hoops. Let's go.
Troy Bolton: [Motions to himself and Gabriella] Yeah, cause we're not busy or anything.

Mrs. Bolton: [Walks in to the boys playing basketball in the kitchen and corrals them] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Can we all redirect this energy by carrying in the groceries?
Jason Cross, Troy Bolton, Jack Bolton, Chad Danforth, Zeke Baylor: Yes, Mrs. Bolton.

High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008)
Chad Danforth: So I guess when they hand us that diploma, we're actually done here.
Troy Bolton: What makes you think we're getting diplomas?

Troy Bolton: [Troy and Chad have just finished pushing Troy's truck back to his house] I'm saving up for a new fuel pump.
Chad Danforth: [aggravated] Mhm, save faster!

Chad Danforth: What are you gonna do if Julliard says yes?
Troy Bolton: I don't know.
Chad Danforth: That's not what I wanted to hear.

Troy Bolton, Chad Danforth: [singing] The boys are back! The boys are back! The boys are back, gonna do it again, gonna wake up your neighborhood.

Chad Danforth: [Embarrassed about asking Taylor to prom in the middle of the lunchroom. Practically whispering] So, uh, hey. I was kinda wondering if you'd maybe go with me.
Taylor McKessie: Oh, hey Chad. They have tuna surprise on the menu. It's good. Really good.
Chad Danforth: [to Troy] Dude.
[Troy shrugs]
Chad Danforth: Taylor, hey, I'm, I'm asking you to prom.
Taylor McKessie: Oh, I'm sorry, I can't hear you 'cause it's so loud in here.
[to Kelsi]
Taylor McKessie: Did you hear something?
Kelsi Nielsen: No.
Martha Cox: Neither did I.
Chad Danforth: [to Troy] Dude.
Troy Bolton: Okay, uh,
[to the students in the lunchroom]
Troy Bolton: excuse me. Excuse me, everybody.
Chad Danforth: What are you...
Troy Bolton: Uh,
Troy Bolton: *yo*!
[Everyone quiets down and looks at them]
Chad Danforth: [In shock that he has everyone's attention] Oh.
Troy Bolton: My friend has something to say.
Chad Danforth: [Climbs up on a table] Taylor McKessie, will you *please* be my date to the Senior Prom?
Taylor McKessie: [Leans in with Gabriella, Kelsi and Martha, talking quietly. After a moment, she stands] I'd be honored!
[Hugs him, then starts talking excitedly with the girls]
Chad Danforth: [to Troy as they're walking away] Dude, I need to go shoot some hoops, or something.
Troy Bolton: [Claps him on the back] You nailed it, man!

Troy Bolton: [on the phone with Gabriella] Hey! I just showed my mom the tux.
Gabriella Montez: We need to talk. I can't be a little adult right now, Troy. I'm hoping you understand that.
Troy Bolton: No, don't even say that. Gabriella, prom is in two days. You're supposed to be on a plane right now.
Gabriella Montez: It's taken me two weeks to get used to being away from you. From East High and all my friends.
Troy Bolton: I know. I know.
Gabriella Montez: So what? I come back, go to prom, and leave again? And when its graduation I'll leave again.
Troy Bolton: That was our plan.
Gabriella Montez: I don't think I can do it Troy. I think I've run out of goodbyes.
Troy Bolton: Why do you keep saying "goodbye"?
Gabriella Montez: I love you, wildcat. But I need to stay right where I am. I'm sorry.
[she hangs up]
Troy Bolton: Gabriella... She's not coming back, man.
Chad Danforth: Shes gonna miss the prom?
Troy Bolton: No, she's not coming back at all.
Chad Danforth: Wow. That's lousy, man.

Troy Bolton: [talking to basketball team] Who washed their lucky socks? Out lucky socks that we've worn for three straight play-off games...
[hits shoe]
Troy Bolton: ... games that we won!
Chad Danforth: Mine never left my locker all season.
Troy Bolton: Jason?
Jason Cross: [shrugs] I keep mine in my lunch bag.
Troy Bolton: Zeke?
Zeke Baylor: I vacuum pack mine.
Troy Bolton: There's my team.

Chad Danforth: One question: does Berkley play?
Troy Bolton: Oh yeah. We're scheduled to kick some Redhawk butt next November.
Chad Danforth: Game on, hoops.
Troy Bolton: Yeah.

Chad Danforth: [Chad and Troy walk into the room where Taylor and Gabriella are editing the yearbook. Chad sets a pan of brownies in front of Taylor] Those are compliments of Zeke. Be Careful, they're still hot.
Taylor McKessie: Okay.
Troy Bolton: But he doesn't tknow they're gone yet, so you have to eat all the evidence.
Gabriella Montez: Kissing up to the yearbook editors. It's a very smart move.
Troy Bolton: Well, Chad's hoping for two pages on himself. And maybe even a third page, just for his hair.
Chad Danforth: Hey, what's right is right.