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Sharpay Evans (Character)
from High School Musical (2006) (TV)

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High School Musical 2 (2007) (TV)
Sharpay Evans: [to Fulton] I told you to hire Troy Bolton, not the entire East High student body!

Sharpay Evans: [Crying because she has no performance for her show] My life is over! I've been a good girl! I've never lied... except when necessary. I've always bought my parents expensive gifts... using their credit card, of course. But I don't deserve this humiliation!

[after hearing about the staff not being allowed to perform in the talent show, Gabriella confronts Sharpay]
Gabriella Montez: Sharpay! Forget about the rest of us, how about the fact that your brother has worked extremely hard on this show?
Sharpay Evans: Oh boo-hoo, he'll be in the show, he'll do his celebrity impersonations. Don't lecture me about Ryan, given the way you've been interfering with Troy's future.
Gabriella Montez: What?
Sharpay Evans: You've gotten him written up by Fulton for sneaking on the golf course and swimming after hours. I had to step in just to save Troy's job.
Gabriella Montez: I'm not interested in what you think you're doing for Troy, that's between you and him. But you're messing with my friends and my summer and that's not okay with me.
Sharpay Evans: You don't like the fact that I won.
Gabriella Montez: What's the prize? Troy?
[Troy walks up behind Gabriella and hears the rest]
Gabriella Montez: The Star Dazzle award? You have to go through all this just to get either one? No thanks, Sharpay. You're very good at a game that I don't want to play. So, I'm done here. But you better step away from the mirror long enough to check the damage that will always be right behind you.
Sharpay Evans: [upset and mad] *Girls*!
[Sharpay walks off and as Gabriella goes to walk away, Troy runs up]
Troy Bolton: Hey! What do you mean you're done here? I mean, you can't quit.
Gabriella Montez: Us working together sounded good, but plans change and people change. The club talent show was a big deal for Sharpay and evidently for your future, so it's cool, just make it happen, wear your new Italian shoes.
Troy Bolton: Hey, I'm still me.
Gabriella Montez: Blowing off your friends, missing dates, if that's you, then it's good to know.
Troy Bolton: No, no, no. I was only doing that because I'm working on the scholarship thing and you know that.
Gabriella Montez: But if along the way you act like someone you're not, pretty soon that's who you become.
Troy Bolton: I meant what I said about movies, and summer, and just being together.
Gabriella Montez: I'm sure you did, at the time. But I also meant what I said: that I want to remember this summer, but not like this, Troy.

Sharpay Evans: [after falling in the pool and in an angry voice] What are you doing here?
Gabriella Montez: I'm the new lifeguard.

Sharpay Evans: Oh, come here, Kelsi. I have a summer job for you, at our country club. Our rehearsal pianist is evidently moving.
Kelsi Nielson: [aside] Or hiding.
Sharpay Evans: Pardon?
Kelsi Nielson: [perks up] Sounds great!

Sharpay Evans: [singing] It's out with the old, and in with the new. Good-bye, clouds of grey, hello, skies of blue. A dip in the pool, a trip to the spa. Endless days in my chaise, the whole world according to moi!
[Pianist plays an off-key note]
Sharpay Evans: Excuse me.
[Pianist plays the right note]
Sharpay Evans: Thank you.
Sharpay Evans: Iced tea imported from England. Lifeguards imported from Spain. Towels imported from Turkey, and turkey imported from Maine.
Sharpay Evans, Ryan Evans: [singing] We're gonna relax and renew.
Sharpay Evans: [singing. Points to three different employees in turn] You, go, do. I want fabulous, that is my simple request. All things fabulous, bigger, and better and best. I need something inspiring to help me get along. I need a little fabulous, is that so wrong?

Sharpay Evans: I said keep an eye on them. Not turn them into the cast of Grease.
Ryan Evans: Pretty cool, huh?
Sharpay Evans: Do you want us to lose the Star Dazzle award to a bunch of... dishwashers?
Ryan Evans: Us? Well, I guess that's showbiz.
Sharpay Evans: When did you become... one of them?
Ryan Evans: You know, I'll take that as a compliment. But you and Troy have a good show, sis.
Sharpay Evans: [scoffs] Oh. We plan to.

Sharpay Evans: There you are! Thank goodness you've come to your senses! Plug in the volcano. Humu Humu's back on.
Ryan Evans: Enjoy your pineapple on your own, sis. I'm not doing the show.
Sharpay Evans: What? Put some fresh batteries in your tiki warrior outfit and let's get going.
Ryan Evans: Took your advice. Sold it online. You've always wanted the spotlight. Now you've got it. Break a leg. Ma.

Sharpay Evans: Ryan, who is the absolute primo boy at East High?
Ryan Evans: I'd say Troy Bolten has that category pretty much locked up, don't you think?
Sharpay Evans: And East High's primo girl?
[Ryan looks over Sharpay's shoulder at Gabriella. Sharpay pushes him back]
Sharpay Evans: Just answer the question!
Ryan Evans: [Sarcastic] Gosh, uh... you?
Sharpay Evans: [Dreamily] Troy... Sharpay. Sharpay... Troy. Sharpay...
Ryan Evans: [Snaps his fingers in front of her face] Shar.
Sharpay Evans: It just makes sense.
Ryan Evans: Evidently not to Troy.
Sharpay Evans: But it's Summer, Ry.
[Puts on her pink sunglasses]
Sharpay Evans: *Everything* changes.
[Slams locker shut and walks away]

Troy Bolton: Hey! Why did you switch songs?
Sharpay Evans: [confused] Switch songs? What?
Troy Bolton: Yeah, Ryan said...
Mr. Fulton: [interrupts] Bolton!
[Fulton rushes Troy onto the stage]
Sharpay Evans: But I didn't learn a new song.
Ryan Evans: [smirking] Exactly.

Sharpay Evans: [imitating Gabriella] Going to movies, listening to music, and golly, Troy! I have first aid training! Aha-ha-ahah oh please.

Troy Bolton: What was the first thing you said to me when I started working here?
Sharpay Evans: Bring me more iced tea?

Troy Bolton: How's your show going?
Sharpay Evans: How's it going? This show makes the captain of the Titanic look like he won the lottery.

Ryan Evans: [Sharpay walks in and immediately starts rummaging through Kelsi's sheet music, ignoring Ryand and Kelsi] Hey, Kelsi's got some great new ideas to spice up the talent show...
Sharpay Evans: Uh-huh, I'm thrilled.
[to Kelsi]
Sharpay Evans: Uh, that new duet that Troy and Gabriella sang? I need it
Kelsi Nielson: Actually, it's not available.
Sharpay Evans: [Stunned] Repeat?
Kelsi Nielson: [Grabs the music from her stand] Well, it's something I wrote for Troy and Gabriella just in case they wanted...
Sharpay Evans: You're an employee, not a fairy godmother. Let's have it.
[Snatches it from Kelsi's hands]

Sharpay Evans: [as Gabriella walks by] Gabriella. I understand you've moved every summer for the past five years, and I'd hate to think today is
[trying to supress a smile]
Sharpay Evans: ... goodbye.
Gabriella Montez: No worries. My mom promised I'm here until graduation next year.
Sharpay Evans: ...Bless Mom's little heart.

Sharpay Evans: [storms into Fulton's office after seeing the Wildcats' rehearsal] The Midsummer's Night Talent Show means something to me and to my family. Those Wildcats will turn it into a farce!
Mr. Fulton: Your brother is one of *those* Wildcats, I'm told.
Sharpay Evans: Oh, don't you mention that traitor to us!
[Meaning her and the dog in her hand]
Mr. Fulton: .Employee involvement in the show is a tradition here.
Sharpay Evans: Traditions change. My parents have important guests coming. We'll need *every* employee working the party, and not on stage.
Mr. Fulton: Pardonnez-moi, *but*, we're not just talking about employees. We're talking about *your* classmates. You might want to think this one out.
Sharpay Evans: All right.
[Looks up for a few seconds, then back at Fulton]
Sharpay Evans: Done. Now do it!
[Walks away]

Sharpay Evans: Ryan, it might be wonderful if Troy participates in our Talent Show.
Ryan Evans: What? If he sings with Gabriella then our whole show is gonna be the 'Troy and Gabriella Show'.

Troy Bolton: [Trying to get away; Distracting her] I *love* your shoes.
Sharpay Evans: [Squeals] You like 'em?
Troy Bolton: I really do.
Sharpay Evans: [Looks down to admire her shoes] I bought them in New York. I have them in nine colors.
[Looks up to see that Troy has disappeared]
Sharpay Evans: Girls, again from the top!

Troy Bolton: [to Gabriella] So maybe today we could have our...
Sharpay Evans: Troy!
Troy Bolton: [to Gabriella] Ah, what time is your lunch break?
Sharpay Evans: Troy!

Sharpay Evans: I think we were meant to sing together, don't you?
Troy Bolton: [Pictures Sharpay in a wedding dress] I need some air.

Sharpay Evans: [to Troy] You are a good guy, Troy. And actually, right now I think I like you better then I like myself.
Sharpay Evans: Did I just say that?

Ryan Evans: What about our song? What about Humu Humu?
Sharpay Evans: Change of plans.
Ryan Evans: What am I supposed to do with my tiki warrior outfit?
Sharpay Evans: Save it for Halloween, go to a luau, sell it online, I don't know! But in the meantime keep an eye on those Wildcats. If they're planning to be in the show... which I doubt once they hear about Troy and me... I don't want any surprises. Oh and don't worry, I'll find a song for you somewhere in the show. Or the next show.
Ryan Evans: [sarcastic] Really? Don't strain yourself, slick.
[walks off angrily]
Sharpay Evans: [to Kelsi] Entertainers are so temperamental.
[walks off cheerily]
Sharpay Evans: Transpose!

Sharpay Evans: [Screams so loudly so the entirety of Lava Springs hears her] What do you mean you're not doing the show?
Troy Bolton: Exactly that.
Sharpay Evans: We're singing a duet, Troy! A duet means two people! Well mostly me in this case but whatever! Duet!
Troy Bolton: I'm an employee. Employees aren't allowed in the show.
Sharpay Evans: No, no, no, no. No, no. You're an honorary member.
Troy Bolton: Not any more. I asked Fulton for my kitchen job back.
Sharpay Evans: What?
Troy Bolton: Sharpay, I don't like the way you've been treating my friends. And I don't like the way I've way I've been treating them either, so I'm doing something about it.
Sharpay Evans: An entire table of University boosters are coming to see you, thanks to me.
Troy Bolton: So I'll be their waiter. They'll be thrilled.
Sharpay Evans: Troy, Troy. This could change your life!
Troy Bolton: I'm more interested in what my friends think of me. And what I think of myself.
Sharpay Evans: Oh, we can hold hands around the campfire some other time! Right now we got a show to do.
[Grabs Troy's arm to make him follow her]
Troy Bolton: [Pulls away and points at her] No. You've got a show to do. I got a kitchen to clean.
[Walks away]

Mrs. Evans: [Calmly doing yoga with Ryan while Sharpay is freaking out over the Wildcats. To Ryan] Tell Pumpkin if she worries too much, she'll get frown lines.
Ryan Evans: I told her twice.
Sharpay Evans: [Fed up] Oh... Namaste!

Sharpay Evans: [She has just found out about all the Wildcats being hired. Grabs Fulton by the tie and pulls him around a corner] I want them out!
Mr. Fulton: But your mother specifically said...
Sharpay Evans: Oh, don't mention that backstabbing Yogini to me! If you can't fire them, make them wanna quit!

High School Musical (2006) (TV)
Sharpay: We need to save our show from people who don't know the difference between a Tony Award and Tony Hawk.

Sharpay: When's the big game?
Troy Bolton: Uh, two weeks.
Sharpay: You are so dedicated, just like me. I hope you come watch me in the musical. Promise? Toodles.
Troy Bolton: Toodles.

Sharpay: Well congratulations, I guess I'm going to be the understudy in case you can't make one of the shows, so break a leg.
[Gabriella looks very confused]
Sharpay: In theatre, that means "good luck."
[smiles and walks away]

Ryan: Wow, an Einsteinette. So why do you think she is interested in our musical?
Sharpay: I'm not sure that she is... But we needn't concern ourselves with amateurs. But... there is no harm in making certain that Gabriella is welcome to school activities that are... well, appropriate for her. After all... she loves pi.

Sharpay: [singing in response to everyone singing Stick to the Status Quo] EVERYBODY QUIET!/ This is not what I want/ This is not what I planned/ And I just gotta say/ I do not understand!/ Some thing is really...
Ryan: [butting in] ... something's not right
Sharpay: [Gives Ryan an evil look] ... really wrong!

Sharpay: We gotta do something. Okay, our callbacks are on Thursday, and the basketball game and scholastic decathelon are on Friday...
Sharpay: Too bad all of these events weren't happening on the same day, at the same time.
Ryan Evans: Well... that wouldn't work out because then Troy and Gabriella wouldn't be able to make the...
[Sharpay looks at him with a "Yeah?" face]
Ryan Evans: I'm proud to call you my sister.
Sharpay: [laughs] I know.

[last lines]
Sharpay: [running in the gym door] These cookies are genius. The best things I've ever tasted. Will you make some more for me, Zeke?
[runs up to Zeke and hugs him]
Zeke: I might even make you a creme brulee.
Sharpay: Ooh.

Sharpay: [pacing after callbacks announced] How dare she sign up. I've already picked out the colors for my dressing room.
Ryan: Besides, she hasn't even asked our permission to join the drama club.
Sharpay: [slams hands down on table] Someone's gotta tell her the rules.
Ryan: Exactly.
[long pause]
Ryan: ... And what're the rules?
Sharpay: [rolls eyes and walks off]

Ms. Darbus: [She is denying Troy and Gabriella the chance to perform their song, as she called their names twice and they didn't respond. She sees everyone from the basketball game and scholastic decathlon filing into the theater to watch them sing] I... don't know what's going on here, but in any event, it is far too late, and we have not got a pianist.
Ryan Evans: [Smugly] Well, that's show biz.
Troy Bolton: We'll sing without a piano.
Kelsi: [Runs back onstage] Oh no you won't. Pianist here, Ms. Darbus.
Sharpay Evans: You *really* don't want to do that.
Kelsi: [Steps up to Sharpay] Oh yes, I *really* do.
[Runs back to the piano]
Kelsi: Ready on stage!
Sharpay Evans: [Shocked] Oh!
Ms. Darbus: [Impressed] Now *that's* show biz!

Ryan: [Sees that they have callbacks agains Troy and Gabriella] Maybe we're being Punk'd!
Sharpay: What?
Ryan: Maybe we're being filmed right now. Maybe we'll get to meet Ashton!
Sharpay: Oh, shut up, Ryan!

Zeke: Hey Sharpay. I just thought that since Troy Bolton was going to be in your show, I...
Sharpay: Troy Bolton is not in my show.
Zeke: Okay, um, well I just thought maybe, um, you could watch me play ball sometime or something.
Sharpay: [laughs] I'd rather stick pins in my eyes.
Zeke: Well, wouldn't that be awfully uncomfortable?
Sharpay: Evaporate, tall person!

Sharpay Evans: [fake smiling to the crowd] I told you not to do the jazz square.
Ryan Evans: [fake smiling too] It's a crowd favorite, everyone loves a good jazz square.

[finishes signing up for auditions]
[turns head]
Sharpay: Oh. Were you going to sign up, too? My brother and I have starred in all the school productions, and we really welcome new-comers. There are a lot of supporting roles in this show, I'm sure we could find something for you.

Troy Bolton: [laughs] Now that's impossible.
Sharpay: [coming out from behind the sign up sheet] What's impossible, Troy? I wouldn't think "impossible" was even in your vocabulary.

Kelsi: Oh, actually, if you do the part with that particular song, I imagined it much slow...
Sharpay: *If* we do the part?
Sharpay: Kelsi, my sawed-off Sondheim, I've been in seventeen school productions. And how many times have your compositions been slipped in?
Kelsi: This would be the first.
Sharpay: Which tells us what?
Kelsi: That I need to write you more solos?
Sharpay: No. It tells us that you do not offer direction, suggestion, or commentary. And you should be thankful that me and Ryan are here to lift your music out of its current obscurity. Are we clear?
Kelsi: Yes ma'am. I mean, Sharpay.
Sharpay: Nice talking to you.

Ms. Darbus: What is going on here?
Sharpay: Look at this! That Gabriella girl just dumped her lunch on me! On purpose! It's all part of their plan to ruin our musical. And Troy and his basketball robots are obviously behind it! Why do you think they auditioned? After all the work you've put into this show...
[throws Gabriella a hate-filled look]
Sharpay: ... it just doesn't seem right!

Taylor: The answer is yes!
Gabrilla Montez: Huh?
Taylor: Our Scholastic Decathlon team has its first competition next week and there is certainly a spot for you!
Gabrilla Montez: Where did those come from?
Taylor: Didn't you put them in my locker?
Gabrilla Montez: Of course not...
Taylor: Well, we'd love to have you on the team! We meet almost everyday after school. Please?
Gabrilla Montez: I need to catch up on the curriculum here first before I think about joining any clubs.
Sharpay: [walking over] Well, what a perfect way to get caught up. Meeting with the smartest kids in school! What a generous offer, Taylor!

Ryan: [singing] It's hard to believe that I couldn't see.
Ryan, Sharpay: [singing] You were always there beside me. / Thought I was alone with no one to hold / But you were always right beside me.
Sharpay: [singing] This feeling's like no other.
Ryan: [singing] I want you to know.
Ryan, Sharpay: [singing] I never had someone that knows me like you do / The way you do. / I never had someone as good for me as you / No one like you. / So lonely before I finally found what I'm looking for.

Ryan: Mucho Gusto.
Sharpay: Ay, que fabulosa! Ay! Ay! Ay!
Ryan: Arriba!
Sharpay: Quien es bailar?
Ryan: Mirame
Sharpay: [singing] I believe in dreaming, shooting for the stars.
Ryan: [singing] Baby, to be number one you've got to raise the bar.
Sharpay: [singing] Kickin' and a scratchin', grindin' out my best.
Ryan: [singing] Anything it takes to climb the ladder of success.

High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008)
[from trailer]
Sharpay Evans: Hey, Troy, when's the big game?
Troy Bolton: Yesterday.
Sharpay Evans: Well, good luck. Toodles!

Ms. Darbus: We'll call it, Senior Year!
Sharpay Evans: [sarcastically] Genius.

Tiara Gold: [Sharpay crashes Tiara's performance in revenge]
Tiara Gold: It's gonna be a night... to remember!
Sharpay Evans: [spoken] Surprise!

Sharpay Evans: But... you were so loyal. And sweet.
Tiara Gold: That's called acting. You should try it sometime.

Sharpay Evans: How can you be thinking of food at a time like this?
Ryan Evans: Maybe cuz its lunch time?

Ryan Evans: Wait a minute. Mrs. D says there's only one scholarship, there's two of us.
Sharpay Evans: We're twins. They're gonna have to take us both.

Sharpay Evans: [Sitting on the piano, talking on the phone while Ryan is teaching the Wildcats choreography. She's doing it halfheartedly] You're really stressing me out. I need to breathe. And I don't know what Ryan is doing. He's doing some kind of yoga Fosse thing.

Sharpay Evans: [Troy and Gabriella have shown up after her terrible performance with Rocketman] Oh, perfect! Go for it! Save the day, whoopee!

Sharpay Evans: Sharpay Evans, you're wearing the wrong dress.

Sharpay Evans: I heard Kelsi is writing something amazing for Troy and Gabriella.
Ryan Evans: [beat] A song, most likely.

Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure (2011) (V)
Ryan Evans: I'm on a break for my tour but I had to come into the city and see you and say Oh my gosh you're a star!
Sharpay Evans: Go ahead.
Ryan Evans: OH MY GOSH you're a star!

Sharpay Evans: I mean did I really think I was just going to come to Broadway and be a star?
Peyton Leverett: Yes, cause that's exactly how you think, it's perfect.
Sharpay Evans: Perfect is so hard, and it doesn't prepare you for disappointment.

Amber Lee Adams: Oh you look so cute Sharpie.
Sharpay Evans: It's Sharpay.
Amber Lee Adams: Oh, you changed it, I like that even better.

Mr. Evans: No!
Sharpay Evans: No?
Mr. Evans: No!
Sharpay Evans: No? I don't understand! What language is that?
Mr. Evans: No, I don't think going to New York is a good idea.
Sharpay Evans: Oh see, there you go believing everything you think!
Mr. Evans: Do you really believe you are ready for such a monumental step?
Sharpay Evans: Daddy, the reason I buy such expensive shoes is to take monumental steps.

Ryan Evans: I'm on a break for my tour but I had to come into the city and see you and say Oh my gosh you're a star!
Sharpay Evans: Go ahead.
Sharpay Evans: OH MY GOSH you're a star!