Frederick Loren
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Biography for
Frederick Loren (Character)
from House on Haunted Hill (1959)

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Frederick Loren is a man renowned for having a great deal of money and many wives. Each of his first three wives has died under mysterious circumstances; the first simply disappeared while the second two had heart attacks, although they were healthy young women in their twenties. On a fateful night in 1959, he called a party for his fourth wifes birthday a haunted house party. The guests all arrived in funeral cars, and were told that they would be paid $10,000 if the survived a night in the house on haunted hill. Annabelle wasnt happy about the party, however, because Frederick insisted on inviting all the guests himself, and chose only strangers people they didnt know and didnt know one another either.

Annabelle had reason enough to be mad and a bit concerned, because Frederick suspected her of cheating on him and was desperate for a divorce, which she wouldnt give him. What he did know was that she was greedy and hoped to inherit all of his money after his death. He felt certain that she would make her move during the party.

It surprised no one more than Loren, then, when Annabelle turned up dead shortly after midnight, hanged, apparently the victim of suicide. Suddenly he became the prime suspect of the other party guests, but no one could get out, the housekeepers had locked them in until morning. In those few hours, Frederick Loren would learn a few things about ghosts, and also show his true colors and ability to cope with adversity.

In the 1999 remake, Frederick Loren is an entrepreneur and theme park owner who makes a living out of scaring people. He gets more than he bargained for when he tampers with the guest list his wife Evelyn created for her planned birthday party at a haunted house.

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