Sara Wolfe
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Sara Wolfe (Character)
from House on Haunted Hill (1999)

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House on Haunted Hill (1999)
Sara Wolfe: I'm trying to figure out who or what Melissa was taping when she disappeared.
Eddie Baker: Right, then where will we be?
Watson Pritchett: Out of Scotch thanks to you, ass!

Eddie Baker: That was the most fun I've had all day.
Sara Wolfe: You need to get out more.

Sara Wolfe: Is this house really haunted?
Watson Pritchett: [near hysterics] It's uh, well, bleh... hah... yeah, it's pretty scary.

Eddie Baker: [Eddie and Sara are atop a tall tower] That was one kickass party!
Sara Wolfe: OK but one more thing: How do we get down from here?
[Eddie and Sara laugh at their amusing predicament]

Eddie Baker: I've never in my life met an executive who could tie their shoes, much less rewire an entire building.
Sara Wolfe: There's always exceptions.
Eddie Baker: No. Come on, what's the truth?
Sara Wolfe: The truth is if we keep taking rights, we're going to have to end up where we started.

House on Haunted Hill (1959)
Annabelle Loren: You're in danger here - we all are.
Nora Manning: From who?
Annabelle Loren: I hope for your sake you never find out.

Dr. David Trent: Nora, I think you're a little upset. Would you care for a sedative?
Nora Manning: Get out! Get out all of you! All of you get out and leave me alone! Just get out of here!

Nora Manning: Mr. Pritchard, you said your sister-in-law killed a man and a woman here and cut them up?
[he nods]
Nora Manning: You said they found hands and feet but they never found any heads.
[shakes his head]
Nora Manning: Would you like to see one of those heads?
[turns to everybody else]
Nora Manning: Would you all like to see one of those heads? Well then come with me.

Nora Manning: [comes around corner, whispering] Lance, hide me, please, hide me!
Lance Schroeder: What?
Nora Manning: Hide me!
[they go to his room and lock the door, she regains her voice]
Nora Manning: He tried to kill me! He grabbed me and choked me and put me in that room, and then he went away and left me!
Lance Schroeder: Who?
Nora Manning: He thought I was dead!
Lance Schroeder: Who?
Nora Manning: Mr. Loren.
Lance Schroeder: Are you sure about this?
Nora Manning: I don't know, it was dark but it must've been him.
Lance Schroeder: Has anybody seen you since he left you?
Nora Manning: I don't know. I heard some people in that room but I went by and nobody saw me.
Lance Schroeder: Mrs. Loren is dead.
Nora Manning: But how?
Lance Schroeder: Loren said she committed suicide, but I think somebody killed her.
Nora Manning: Him?