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Quotes for
Astrid (Character)
from Thirteen (2003)

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Thirteen (2003)
Tracy: All of a sudden Medina has a ghetto booty?
Evie: I think she stuffs.
Astrid: That slut ain't got shit on THESE double-cheesburgers.
[She shakes her butt]
Medina: Shake it, don't break it, bitch.
Astird: Fuck her.

Tracy: [Tracey walks into the bathroom in a huff, Astrid looks over] So, you wanna just go to the boardwalk and sell some shit?
Astrid: [putting stickers on her face in the mirror] I can't. I'm late for my Biology actually, we're doing a play and I'm the mermaid.
[raises eyebrows and walks out of bathroom]
Tracy: [stares into mirror, applying makeup]