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Quotes for
Mason Freeland (Character)
from Thirteen (2003)

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Thirteen (2003)
Tracy: Hey Mason, who would you say is the hottest girl in school?
Mason: Evie Zamora.
Tracy: Guess who I hung out with today.
Mason: Bull.
Tracy: Melrose Avenue. (Mason looks at her in awe) What? Like that's so hard to believe...

Mason: What? You wanna hit me, Tracy? Go ahead and hit me. You will go to jail, you fucking slut!
Tracy: Don't call me a slut. Mom, Mason just called me a slut!

Mason: [Tracy's back is turned and Mason doesn't see her face] Oh, baby, back that ass up!
Mason: [Tracy turns around] Tracy?

Melanie: Have you been drinking?
Mason: Of course she has because she's always FUCKING DRINKING, isn't she?
Tracy: Oh, like you never have!
Brady: Hey, what's going on?
[Kayla begins crying]

Mason: Stupid fucker!

Tracy: [Tracy comes home wasted] Why don't you tell Mom how you get stoned every night with Roffa?
Mason: She knows I smoke pot, Tracy. Look at your pupils. You're so fucking busted.

Mason: [to Teen] Stupid Fucker...
[laughs and looks ahead to girl]
Mason: Ah, sweetie. Back that ass up...
Teen: [walks up to girl] I'd like to see that thong on my bedroom floor.
Tracy: [Turns around] Too bad you'll never know.
Teen: TRACY?
Tracy: [Glances over and see's Mason. Mason looks down and sees bellybutton ring] Ahhhh shit, God. Fuck It.
[Starts to walk away]
Teen: [Grabs Cokes and stops her] Hey Tracy, here's your Cokes.
Tracy: I didn't pay for them anyway.
Teen: Probably didn't have to wit' yo' fine ass.
Tracy: Fuck you.
[walks off]