Evie Zamora
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Evie Zamora (Character)
from Thirteen (2003)

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Thirteen (2003)
Tracy: [Lying in the afterglow of sex with Javi] We are so perfect for each other. You know, if everybody married someone from a different race, then in one generation there would be no prejudice.
Evie: [Evie moves to lie next to Tracy] So you had a good time?
Tracy: [Dreamily] Yeah. But it tasted kinda nasty.
Evie: [laughs] What? We didn't go over that one!

Tracy: All of a sudden Medina has a ghetto booty?
Evie: I think she stuffs.
Astrid: That slut ain't got shit on THESE double-cheesburgers.
[She shakes her butt]
Medina: Shake it, don't break it, bitch.
Astird: Fuck her.

Evie: The itsy-bitsy spider dropped acid at the park...

[outside Mason's open window]
Tracy: [talking to dog in baby voice] Oh Hampton, he's my baby, yes...
Evie: [walks in front of Mason's window] Hey Mason!
[pulls thong up over shorts while shaking her butt]
Evie: move ya g-string down South!
Tracy: Gross! That's my brother!
Evie: [giggling while walking away with Tracy] Relax! Maybe I'll marry into the family.

Tracy: So you're a model?
Evie: She's a model-slash-actress!
Brooke: Slash-bartender who's about to be late for work.

Evie: How about we make a Luke sandwich?
Luke: Um, how about you're jailbait?

Brooke: Evie, goddamit, have you seen my other cutlet?
Evie: Incoming cutlet!
[throws it at her and hits her in the behind]

Evie: Something peed in your bed.

Tracy: [Sitting on Evie's bed, drinking beer] So, you want me to prove it, lesbo?
Evie: Hell, no.

Tracy: [Trying to convince Evie that she is a good kisser] Want me to prove it lesbo?
Evie: Hell No!
[Tracy bends down and kisses Evie]
Evie: I barely even felt that!
Tracy: Let's see you fucking feel this one then!
[Tracy pushes Evie on floor and kisses her more passionatly]
Evie: Well, okay!

Tracy: [speaking in gibberish] Why does my tongue hurt?
Evie: Maybe because you gave head.

Evie: [huffing computer duster] I hear this little wah-wah-wah inside my head...
Tracy: That's your brain cells popping!

[Evie has just walked in on Melanie having a cigarette in her bedroom]
Melanie: Don't ever start smoking.
Evie: Is everything okay Mel?
Melanie: Yeah.
Melanie: No. Evie, I'm sorry, but I think it's time for you to go home.
Evie: I can't go home. Brooke had a convention in Bakersfield, she said she sent you an email.
Melanie: I guess I didn't check my email.
[laughs a little nervously]
Evie: I'm sorry Mel. I hope it's okay that I'm here.
Melanie: Well... I guess it's gonna have to be, isn't it?
Evie: Her boyfriend hits me Mel.
[Evie sits down on Melanie's bed and pulls her hair back to reveal a bruise on her neck]
Evie: He grabbed my throat and he threw me against his van.
Melanie: [gasps softly] Oh jesus.
[Melanie goes to sit down beside Evie on the bed]
Melanie: Where's your mother baby?
Evie: [sniffles] She passed away.
[reaches over to stroke Evie's hair, then her face]
Melanie: I didn't have a mother when I was your age either. I know how hard it is. I do.
[Melanie and Evie hug]

Brooke: We're moving to Ojai, so you won't be seeing Evie again. Ever. You're really cruel, Tracy. I mean, I'm sure you can be a sweet kid when you want, but right now you're a really bad influence. I mean, you cheat, you lie, you steal...
Tracy: [shouting in disbelief] Oh my God! Are you kidding me, who do you think I learned all this shit from!
[Tracy walks off into the kitchen]
Melanie: Tracy was playing with Barbies before she met Evie!
[Melanie, Evie and Brooke all follow Tracy into the kitchen]
Brooke: Did she teach you to beat the crap out of her as well? Don't even start with me, I've seen the bruises, little one!
Tracy: What the hell did you tell her Evie?
Brooke: [Turns to Evie] Come here, what about this?
[Shows the scrape by Evie's hairline that Tracy accidentally made while the two girls were play-fighting]
Tracy: [shouts] What the fuck? We were just goofing!
Melanie: Tracy didn't hit her.
Evie: [starting to cry] Yes she did!
Tracy: I don't believe this shit, she hit me too!
Brooke: [grabs Tracy's arm and struggles with her to pull back her sleeve] And look at this Mel. You're gonna love this...
Tracy: Don't you dare! No don't please...
Melanie: Take your hands off her...
[Tracy starts to cry as the cuts on her arm are revealed when Brooke pulls down her sleeve]
Brooke: She cuts!
[Melanie looks stunned and horrified]
Tracy: [crying] It's none of your business you fucking frankenstein!
Brooke: Oh no, this child IS my business, you little cunt!
Melanie: That's it, you need to get out.
[Brooke and Evie slowly start to walk out]
Melanie: [yelling] Get out!
Evie: [crying] Who would want to live in this shit hole anyway? It fucking stinks in here Mel!