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Heels Beals (Character)
from "Dick Tracy" (1950)

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"Dick Tracy: Dick Tracy meets Heels Beals (#2.15)" (1951)
[Heels reacts angrily when Hefty grinds his shoes with a sander as a joke]
Hefty: What's the matter, Heels? Can't you take a joke?
Heels Beals: Not that kind of joke, stupid! Nobody gets funny with Heels Beals' shoes! Nobody! Not even you, Hefty.

Miss Varnish: Having fun, darlings? Finding enough to keep you occupied, Mr. Beals?
Heels Beals: You make sure of that, Miss Varnish.
Miss Varnish: Sweet child. I don't mind being spoken to behind an evil-smelling cigar, Mr. Beals, and I don't mind being addressed by a gentleman from under a hat, Mr. Beals, but I do mind paying for help I don't get, Mr. Beals. Now pick up a can of shellac and put another coat on those end tables over there before I pick you up and stuff you into one of those elevator heels you're wearing!

Heels Beals: You hear that?
[thumps on his shoe's heel]
Heels Beals: That heel's empty, chum. Plenty of room to stash Old Lady Greenbacks' pearls. Did you see 'em on her yesterday when we lugged in that cabinet?
Hefty: Yeah, I seen 'em. Do you think I'm deaf?

Heels Beals: We ain't goin' no place until we pull that Greenbacks job. There's no lousy flatfoot that's gonna mess up my whole future!
Hefty: If Tracy knows anything about us, we ain't got a future.

Heels Beals: Hefty, plug in the sander, will ya? I don't want to disturb the neighbors with the gunshots.