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Quotes for
Pat Patton (Character)
from Dick Tracy (1990)

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Dick Tracy vs. Cueball (1946)
Dick Tracy: Where have you been?
Pat Patton: If I told you, you wouldn't believe me.
Dick Tracy: Well, don't tell me.
Pat Patton: I'll tell you anyway.

Pat Patton: I called Sparkle's house.
Dick Tracy: Did you say who you were?
Pat Patton: No! Do you think I'm that dumb?
Dick Tracy: Well, we won't go into that.

Dick Tracy (1990)
Dick Tracy: Hello, gentlemen. Where's Lips Manlis?
Flattop: Who's Lips Manlis?
Itchy: Yeah, who's Lips Manlis? We get to make one phone call. That's the law.
Dick Tracy: Yeah?
Itchy: Yeah. Gimme the phone.
Dick Tracy: Here's the phone. Be my guest.
[Itchy throws the phone - its line cord removed by Tracy already]
Dick Tracy: Make a note, Pat. They waived their right to a phone call.
Pat Patton: Right, Tracy.
Flattop: Hey, coppa. Maybe you wanna look before you leap, huh? We got rights.
Dick Tracy: Take the bad men away. They scare me.

Dick Tracy: Is the enemy of my enemy my friend, or the enemy of my friend my enemy?
Pat Patton: What?
Dick Tracy: Or enemy of my enemy my enemy?
Pat Patton: What'd he say?
Dick Tracy: The enemy of my enemy is my enemy.
Sam Catchem: He said the enemy of his enemy is his enemy.
Pat Patton: Oh.

Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome (1947)
Pat Patton: I tell you, if I didn't know better I'd swear we were doing business with Boris Karloff.

Pat Patton: I'm sitting here, see, writing out this report on the stiff. All of a sudden, blackout! Something hit me here: a crowbar or a small bulldozer.

Dick Tracy's Dilemma (1947)
Police dispatcher: Calling Car 15. Calling Car 15. Car 15!
Pat Patton: Car 15, Patton speaking.
Police dispatcher: Contact Dick Tracy at once. Have him go over to the Flawless Furs warehouse. Dillon reports some shenanigans - a busted fuse box at the garage.
Pat Patton: Then tell him to call-tell him to call an electrician, not Dick Tracy
Police dispatcher: Now come on, Pat! The night watchman has disappeared. It might be homicide.
Pat Patton: Oh, that's different. I'll tell Dick Tracy right away!