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Tess Trueheart (Character)
from Dick Tracy (1990)

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Dick Tracy (1990)
'Kid': You two married?
Tess Trueheart: No. Would you like a broken arm?
[the Kid throws back the money on the table in disgust]
'Kid': I don't like dames.
Tess Trueheart: Good. Me neither.

[last lines]
Tess Trueheart: Well, what are you waitin' for? A nice, safe desk?
Dick Tracy: Tess?
[Tracy tosses her a wedding ring]
Dick Tracy: You're one in a million.
'Kid': This is amazing, Tracy! What are you waitin' for? Come on, let's go! Come on, Metropolitan Bank! Come on, step on it! You know somethin', Tracy? I kind of like that dame.

Tess Trueheart: You'll get Big Boy.
Dick Tracy: Big Boy's on the street and they want to stick me behind a desk?
Tess Trueheart: They believe in you, Tracy. They think if you're chief of police, the city'll be safe.
Dick Tracy: Tess, there's about as much chance of me getting behind a desk as there is of me getting a new girlfriend.

Dick Tracy vs. Cueball (1946)
[Tess objects to Junior reading about a gory murder in the newspaper]
Dick Tracy: Tess is right, Junior. Say, how would you like a lifetime job showing Junior what to read?
Tess: Why, Dick Tracy. Proposing so early in the morning?
Junior Tracy: Why don't ya just marry him so he can stop proposin'?

[Tess observes four beautiful women leave Dick Tracy's office]
Tess: I can see that police work might be *very* interesting.
Dick Tracy: Now, Tess, those were policewomen.
Vitamin Flintheart: Policewomen? Ha! A man is confronted with jeopardy from all sides.

Dick Tracy's Dilemma (1947)
[last lines]
[Dick Tracy breaks another date with Tess to pursue a villain]
Tess Trueheart: [sigh] Sometimes, I wish I had been a super criminal.
Vitamin Flintheart: Why, my dear?
Tess Trueheart: Because then I might get to see something of Mr. Dick Tracy!