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Dick Tracy (Character)
from Dick Tracy (1990)

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Dick Tracy (1990)
[Breathless pours a drink for Dick Tracy]
Dick Tracy: I'm on duty.
Breathless Mahoney: What's your day off?
Dick Tracy: Sunday.
Breathless Mahoney: It's a big world... must be Sunday somewhere.

Dick Tracy: No grief for Lips?
Breathless Mahoney: I'm wearing black underwear.
Dick Tracy: You know, it's legal for me to take you down to the station and sweat it out of you under the lights.
Breathless Mahoney: I sweat a lot better in the dark.

Big Boy Caprice: You know, Dick - You mind if I call you "Dick"? My associates here would very much like to see you have a little accident. But I tell 'em, "No. I'll take care of Tracy myself," I tell 'em. You know why? I want you on my side!
[Itchy hands Big Boy a suitcase. Big Boy takes out of it a large wad of cash]
Big Boy Caprice: And let me tell you what my side is. My side is a lifetime of action and adventure with no clock to punch. It's treating that gal of yours 100%. She should be treated like a princess. Protected like a baby.
Dick Tracy: You gonna put *all* that money down there?
Big Boy Caprice: Fifteen thousand clams.
[Big Boy drops the money on the table. The Kid watches from the small window]
Big Boy Caprice: It's a deal.
[Big Boy pushes the money toward Tracy]
Itchy: Fifteen thousand clams.
[Tracy takes the money. The Kid gapes in disbelief, sad and disappointed to see his hero take the bribe. Itchy chuckles]
Big Boy Caprice: Welcome to new waters, Dick! We're gonna run one hell of a ship with you aboard. There's a big world out there, and it's up for sale. All of it. All we gotta do is make sure that the people know I'm the one big enough to run it.
Dick Tracy: [dryly] And that you are guilty of attempting to bribe an officer of the law.
[Tracy throws all the money back in Big Boy's face. The Kid smiles, realizing Tracy never meant to take the bribe money. The thugs grab hold of Tracy]
Itchy: Hey, hey!
Flattop: Not so fast, coppa.
Big Boy Caprice: [angrily] You dumb dick!

Dick Tracy: [repeated question to Mumbles] Where's Lips Manlis?

Dick Tracy: Hello, gentlemen. Where's Lips Manlis?
Flattop: Who's Lips Manlis?
Itchy: Yeah, who's Lips Manlis? We get to make one phone call. That's the law.
Dick Tracy: Yeah?
Itchy: Yeah. Gimme the phone.
Dick Tracy: Here's the phone. Be my guest.
[Itchy throws the phone - its line cord removed by Tracy already]
Dick Tracy: Make a note, Pat. They waived their right to a phone call.
Pat Patton: Right, Tracy.
Flattop: Hey, coppa. Maybe you wanna look before you leap, huh? We got rights.
Dick Tracy: Take the bad men away. They scare me.

Dick Tracy: Hello, Big Boy. I've brought your garbage.
Big Boy Caprice: Tracy.
Dick Tracy: We meet again, huh? Where's Lips?
Big Boy Caprice: This is a private club, coppa. You got a membership card?

Dick Tracy: Is the enemy of my enemy my friend, or the enemy of my friend my enemy?
Pat Patton: What?
Dick Tracy: Or enemy of my enemy my enemy?
Pat Patton: What'd he say?
Dick Tracy: The enemy of my enemy is my enemy.
Sam Catchem: He said the enemy of his enemy is his enemy.
Pat Patton: Oh.

[last lines]
Tess Trueheart: Well, what are you waitin' for? A nice, safe desk?
Dick Tracy: Tess?
[Tracy tosses her a wedding ring]
Dick Tracy: You're one in a million.
'Kid': This is amazing, Tracy! What are you waitin' for? Come on, let's go! Come on, Metropolitan Bank! Come on, step on it! You know somethin', Tracy? I kind of like that dame.

Breathless Mahoney: Thanks for calling. I was beginning to wonder what a girl had to do to get arrested.
Dick Tracy: Wearing that dress is a step in the right direction.

Tess Trueheart: You'll get Big Boy.
Dick Tracy: Big Boy's on the street and they want to stick me behind a desk?
Tess Trueheart: They believe in you, Tracy. They think if you're chief of police, the city'll be safe.
Dick Tracy: Tess, there's about as much chance of me getting behind a desk as there is of me getting a new girlfriend.

Dick Tracy vs. Cueball (1946)
Dick Tracy: Where have you been?
Pat Patton: If I told you, you wouldn't believe me.
Dick Tracy: Well, don't tell me.
Pat Patton: I'll tell you anyway.

Pat Patton: I called Sparkle's house.
Dick Tracy: Did you say who you were?
Pat Patton: No! Do you think I'm that dumb?
Dick Tracy: Well, we won't go into that.

[Tess objects to Junior reading about a gory murder in the newspaper]
Dick Tracy: Tess is right, Junior. Say, how would you like a lifetime job showing Junior what to read?
Tess: Why, Dick Tracy. Proposing so early in the morning?
Junior Tracy: Why don't ya just marry him so he can stop proposin'?

[Tess observes four beautiful women leave Dick Tracy's office]
Tess: I can see that police work might be *very* interesting.
Dick Tracy: Now, Tess, those were policewomen.
Vitamin Flintheart: Policewomen? Ha! A man is confronted with jeopardy from all sides.

Dick Tracy (1937)
Dick Tracy: That was a pretty good tackle you made there, son.
Junior: Aw, gee, that was nothing. But, say, you sure can use a gun! You're Dick Tracy, aren't you?
Dick Tracy: Yes.
Junior: I'm just an orphan. Some day I'm gonna be a G-Man, too!
Dick Tracy: Well, now's a good time to start. Come along.

Orphange matron [Ch. 1]: Have you seen anything of Junior? Oh, there you are! Why aren't you get on the bus with the others? Everyone was terribly worried, you bad boy!
Junior: Well, I'm sorry, ma'am.
Dick Tracy: I'd like to keep this little rascal with me for a while, Miss. You see, he can identify one of the men that got away, and his life won't be safe until this matter is cleared up.

Dick Tracy's Dilemma (1947)
Jigger, Blinking Skull Owner: Find what you're lookin' for, Tracy?
Dick Tracy: No... and see that I don't. I understand Hatchet Harry has been hangin' around here.
Jigger, Blinking Skull Owner: Why, that's a big mistake! Say, you know I run a respectable joint.

"The Dick Tracy Show: Rogue's Gallery (#1.18)" (1961)
Dick Tracy: [on the phone, at the start of every episode] ... Okay, Chief; I'll get on it right away.
[He calls one of his men, assigning them to the case in question]