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Breathless Mahoney (Character)
from Dick Tracy (1990)

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Dick Tracy (1990)
Big Boy Caprice: Around me, if a woman don't wear mink, she don't wear nuttin'.
Breathless Mahoney: Well, I look good both ways.

[Breathless pours a drink for Dick Tracy]
Dick Tracy: I'm on duty.
Breathless Mahoney: What's your day off?
Dick Tracy: Sunday.
Breathless Mahoney: It's a big world... must be Sunday somewhere.

Breathless Mahoney: Aren't you gonna frisk me?

Dick Tracy: No grief for Lips?
Breathless Mahoney: I'm wearing black underwear.
Dick Tracy: You know, it's legal for me to take you down to the station and sweat it out of you under the lights.
Breathless Mahoney: I sweat a lot better in the dark.

Breathless Mahoney: I know how you feel. You don't know if you want to hit me or kiss me. I get a lot of that.

[after 88 Keys told Big Boy about the Blank]
Breathless Mahoney: What was that all about?
88 Keys: My income tax.
Big Boy Caprice: [seeing this, gets upset] Hey!
[88 Keys turns and bolts out of the room]
Big Boy Caprice: [to Breathless] Come here!
Flattop: You want me to follow him?
Big Boy Caprice: [to Flattop] Where? To the piano?
[to Breathless]
Big Boy Caprice: That was none of your business. Come here.
[pulls her into his lap and slaps her face]
Big Boy Caprice: *I'm* you're business.
[slaps her face again]

[after a horrible rehearsal, 88 Keys and the singers complain that it's 2 am]
Big Boy Caprice: It's 2 a.m.? I'm about to turn this *dump* into the best place of a new era in entertainment, you're telling me it's 2 a.m.?
[smashes 88 Keys' fingers on the piano keys]
Big Boy Caprice: [yelling] Play the piano!
Breathless Mahoney: Hey! That was a silly thing to do. He's the best piano player in town.
Big Boy Caprice: Shut up! Come here.
[88 Keys starts playing again]
Big Boy Caprice: Next time, I take his fingers and I turn them into pretzels. I just might do the same thing to your face.
[slaps her]
Big Boy Caprice: [88 Keys seems to play smoother]
Big Boy Caprice: See? He's playing better already.

Breathless Mahoney: Thanks for calling. I was beginning to wonder what a girl had to do to get arrested.
Dick Tracy: Wearing that dress is a step in the right direction.