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The Pin (Character)
from Brick (2005)

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Brick (2005)
The Pin: You got Tug to bring you in here, which he never does. And you got me listening. So, I'm very curious what you have to say, and it better be really, really good.
Brendan Frye: I was just going to come up with some bit of information, or set up some phony deal. And I think she'd let me walk. Then I was going to go to the vice principal and spill the in the street address of the biggest dope port in the burg.
Tugger: He knows zippo.
Brendan Frye: 1250, Vista Blanca, the ink blotter, on the desk in the den, in the basement, of the house with the tacky mailbox.

The Pin: You read Tolkien?
Brendan Frye: What?
The Pin: You know, the Hobbit books?
Brendan Frye: Yeah.
The Pin: His descriptions of things are really good. He makes you wanna be there.

Brendan Frye: Your muscle seemed plenty cool putting his fist in my head. I want him out.
The Pin: Looky, soldier...
Brendan Frye: The ape blows or I clam.

The Pin: No dice, soldier.

The Pin: I'll call you if whatever.

The Pin: [negotiating with Brendan] What are you services, exactly - so I can be specific on the invoice.

The Pin: [to Brendan] You're gonna make me curious being so curious.