Jerry O'Neill
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Jerry O'Neill (Character)
from Space Cowboys (2000)

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Space Cowboys (2000)
Frank Corvin: This is Jerry O'Neill.
Sara Holland: No nickname for you?
Jerry O'Neill: You can call me
[kisses her hand]
Jerry O'Neill: anytime.

Jerry O'Neill: I'm an engineer! I stopped running when Nixon was president!

[the younger astronauts have given Team Daedalus some Ensure as a gag]
Jerry O'Neill: I'd drink this. It's good for your libido.

[challenging Frank to fight]
Col. William 'Hawk' Hawkins: Okay, bad guy, we're taking this outside! I want to whip your asymmetrical sagging ass! Get out there in that parking lot!
[Frank and Hawk step outside]
Jerry O'Neill: Here we go again...
Tank Sullivan: I've got ten on Frank!

Jerry O'Neill: [Watching Frank and Hawk in the centrifuge machine] Makes them look younger, doesn't it...

Jerry O'Neill: It's got nothing to do with me.
Jerry O'Neill: It all depends on the woman and how willing she is to discover her infinite supply of orgasms.

Jerry O'Neill: I may be blind Frank, but my memory is perfect.