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Quotes for
Clara (Character)
from The Nutcracker (1977/I) (TV)

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The Nutcracker Prince (1990)
Uncle Drosselmeier: But there's something I must do first for my nephew.
Clara: Nephew? I didn't know you had a nephew. How old is he?
Fritz: Will we meet him?
Clara: Is he really your nephew or does he just call you uncle like we do?

Uncle Drosselmeier: No, No! The spell will be broken if he slays the mouse king.
Clara: And wins the hand of a fair young maiden.
Uncle Drosselmeier: Precisely.
Clara: [yawns and looks at her kitten] Oh Pavlova, why are all fairy stories the same?

Clara: [whispers] I think you're supposed to wave.
Nutcracker: [sheepishly] Oh, yes, of course.

Nutcracker: [holding open a door and bowing] Allow me, Clara.
Clara: Oh, Nutcracker. Stop bowing. We're friends, aren't we?
Nutcracker: Always.

Nutcracker: Clara. Clara, are you alright?
Clara: Yes, I'm fine. But I'm so small.
Trudy: One gets used to it, my dear.

Clara: I could never live off lemonade and candy.

Clara: This is all like a dream come true. The Land of the Dolls is so beautiful and everyone's so kind. I've known some of you all my life. And to think we could all be together forever.
Nutcracker: Then you'll stay. Clara, what is it?
Clara: Oh, I want to. I want to stay with you, I do. But.
Nutcracker: But? But what?
Clara: Oh, I don't know, I'm so confused. It's just, well, the Land of the Dolls is where you all belong. But I want to grow up. There's a million things I want to do. People to meet, worlds to explore. I've always wanted to dance in the ballet. Nutcracker, I do love you, but I can't stay in the Land of the Dolls forever.

[last lines]
Hans: [Drosselmeyer's nephew Hans meets Clara for the first time, and he is shy] Hello, Clara.
Clara: [realizing that Hans is really the Nutcracker Prince] Hello Nutcracker.

Clara: Why, every Christmas tree we've ever had is here!

Barbie in the Nutcracker (2001) (V)
Nutcracker: Get down!
[He looks]
Nutcracker: Oh! It's just children.
[a snow ball hits him]
Clara: Heh.
Clara: [giggles]
Nutcracker: With incredibly good aim!