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White Knight (Character)
from Alice in Wonderland (1999) (TV)

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Alice in Wonderland (1999) (TV)
Alice: You don't seem to have much riding practice.
White Knight: What makes you say that?
Alice: You keep falling off your horse!
White Knight: I've had plenty of practice at THAT, plenty of practice!

White Knight: I see you're admiring my box. It's my own invention, to keep sandwiches in. You see, I carry it upside-down so they don't get wet when it rains.
Alice: ...But they can drop out. The lid is open.
White Knight: So, THAT's what happened to my sandwiches.

Alice: How can you keep talking like that?
White Knight: Like what?
Alice: Head downwards, and body in the air!
White Knight: What does it matter where my head and body are? My mind goes on working just the same...

White Knight: Just be brave, and always get back on your horse!

White Knight: [to Alice] You look worried. You're too young to worry.

White Knight: Is your hair fixed on your head right?
Alice: Only in the usual way.
White Knight: Well, that's not good enough! The wind around here is as strong as soup!

"Alice: Episode #1.2" (2009)
Hatter: What are you doing?
White Knight: Down here! Take the second left through the stairs that will lead up to the third floor, then after the double doors take the third walkway on the right over the Fitness Center to Reception B and ask Shiela!
Hatter: Shiela?
White Knight: Maybe its Shakina...

White Knight: Alice of Legend, your presence in this world is no accident. You are here for a reason.
Alice: Please, Charlie, it's just plain Alice.
White Knight: Just Plain Alice, I will stand at your side, shoulder to shoulder, knee to...
Hatter: Charlie! Now's not such a good time.
Alice: You guys shouldn't have come. You could get yourselves killed.
Hatter: Did you give the ring up, Alice?
Alice: Look, I have things under control.
Hatter: You tried to cut a deal with the Queen, didn't you?
Alice: I was getting close.
Hatter: Getting close? Maybe I'm wrong, but negotiations didn't appear to be going so well.
Alice: Well, I need more time.
Hatter: For what? You really think the Queen's just gonna send you and your boyfriend home?
Alice: No.
Hatter: No, of course not.
Alice: Because he's her son.
Hatter: The prince? Jack Heart? Jack Heart is your boyfriend?

White Knight: How old were you when your father disappeared?
Alice: Ten.
White Knight: That must have been quite a shock.
Alice: You know how kids are. Blame themselves for stuff like that.
[White Knight looks troubled]
Alice: You okay?
White Knight: I was ten once. I was ten when the armies came. One of three squires to the real White Knight. My job was to carry the great lance. And when it mattered, when I was needed most... I lost my nerve and I ran. I hid for three days, and when I came out... everyone was dead. Even the magnificent Red King up there on his throne. At first I wished I died with them, but after a while a deeper feeling took over. I wanted a second chance, I wanted to avenge them.
[tearing up]
White Knight: So I stole the White Knight's armor, his name... his courage. And I waited for the right time. When you showed up, I thought the right time had finally arrived.

White Knight: Down here! Take the second left at the stairs that lead up to the third floor. Then after the double doors take the third walkway on the right over the fitness center to reception B and ask Sheila!

Hatter: What are you doing?
White Knight: Down here! Take the second left at the stairs that lead up to the third floor, then after the double doors, take the third walkway on the right, over the fitness center to Reception B, and ask Sheila!
Hatter: Sheila?
Hatter: Maybe it's... Shakena. Come along!

Alice in Wonderland (1933)
Alice: How can you go on talking so quietly with your head in a ditch?
White Knight: What does it matter where my body happens to be? My mind goes on working all the same. In fact, I once invented a new pudding during the meat course.
Alice: In time to have it cooked for the next course, hmmm? That was quick work!
White Knight: Well, not the next course. In fact, I don't believe that pudding even was cooked.
Alice: What did you mean it to be made of?
White Knight: Well it began with blotting paper.
Alice: That wouldn't be very nice, I'm afraid.
White Knight: Not very nice alone, but imagine how good it would be mixed with other things such as gunpowder and sealing wax.
[He sighs]

"Alice: Episode #1.1" (2009)
Hatter: I thought all you guys were wiped out years ago
White Knight: Well you thought wrong. As you can see I'm fit as a butcher's dog
[slight stiffled cough]
Alice: Are there any others like you?
White Knight: certainly not. I'm a one off! My nana used to say that if I was the only eligable batchelor left in the world
[bends to pick up shovel]
White Knight: there wasnt a warthog or wall flower who'd pollish my escutcheon.
Alice: No I meant are there any other knights in these woods? your... comrads in arms
White Knight: Heavens no, are you mad! we were all wiped out years ago