Hula Teacher
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Hula Teacher (Character)
from Stitch! The Movie (2003) (V)

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Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch (2005) (V)
Agent Pleakley: [Pleakley enters the living room, wering a woman's hat, an orange wig, and a blue-and-purple floral print dress] Where is she? Whe-ere is she?
Stitch: Wow.
Kumu: Ai kapulu.
Agent Pleakley: There's our precious little angel, who must be the victim of a huge misunderstanding.
Nani: [worriedly] Oh no, no...
Dr. Jumba Jookiba: Where is she?
Nani: Jumba, what are you doing?
Dr. Jumba Jookiba: Don't worry, the cavalry has arrived, heh. There she is!
[Nani tries to stop Jumba]
Nani: No, no, no, no...
Dr. Jumba Jookiba: Please, somebody give this kid gold star, she's so good!
[Jumba gives Lilo and Pleakley a group hug]
Agent Pleakley: [Pleakley shakes Kumu's hand] I don't believe we've met. This is Uncle Jumba, and I'm... Auntie Pleakley, enchanté.
Nani: On second thought, Kumu, I think we should talk outside.
Agent Pleakley: It's not polite to interrupt your auntie.