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Noah Claypole (Character)
from Oliver! (1968)

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Oliver Twist (1922/I)
Noah Claypole: Wha'd yer mother die of, work'us?
Oliver Twist: Of a broken heart, some of our old nurses at the orphanage told me!

Noah Claypole: No more robbin' undertaker's tills for me. I'm after bigger stuff.

Fagin: I have something to tell you, Bill, that will surprise and horrify you. Well, Bill, Noah has followed Nancy. She has betrayed us!
Noah Claypole: She described you all and told everything.
Fagin: You won't be too violent, will you Bill?

Oliver Twist (1982/I) (TV)
Noah Claypole: [Sowerberry has handed Claypoole mourning clothes, instructing him to give them to Oliver] But these are funeral clothes! You promised me the job of silent mourner!
Mr. Sowerberry: I never did. Besides, he has a much better face for it than you. He looks so sad.

Oliver Twist: Do you live here, Mr. Claypoole?
Noah Claypole: [menacingly] No, I got a mother and father! I ain't some little foundling off the street!

Oliver Twist (1948)
Noah Claypole: Do you know who I am?
Oliver Twist: No Sir.
Noah Claypole: I'm Mr Noah Claypole and you're under me so don't you forget it!

Noah Claypole: Workhouse, what's your mother?
Oliver Twist: She's dead.
Noah Claypole: What she die of workhouse?
Oliver Twist: They said she died of a broken heart.

Oliver! (1968)
Noah Claypole: Your mother was a regular, right-down bad 'un.

Sowerberry: Well, having a rest Mr. Bumble?
Noah Claypole: He's sitting on Oliver.
Sowerberry: Quite right, we must all sit on Oliver.
Mrs. Sowerberry: Have you been drinking again?
Sowerberry: [wistfully] I met a friend in the cemetery...

Oliver Twist (2005)
Oliver Twist: Excuse me sir... did you knock?
Noah Claypole: I kicked.