Nancy Sykes
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Nancy Sykes (Character)
from Oliver! (1968)

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Oliver! (1968)
Nancy: I thieved for you when I was half his age and it's your dirty work I've been doing ever since.
Bill: Well if you have it's a living ain't it?
Fagin: Yes, a living is a living.
Nancy: Some living, Lord help me, some living!

Bill Sikes: You're a fine one for the boy to make a friend of!
Nancy: Yes, I am, Lord help me! But tonight he's a liar, and a thief, and all that's bad! Ain't that enough for you without beating him to death?

Nancy: Bill, you do love me, don't ya?
Bill Sikes: Of course I do; I live with ya, don't I?

Nancy: [to Oliver] Charmed!
Dodger: Oh yes! We're all ladies and gentlemen around here. We're all quality.
Nancy: Now don't you take no notice of them, just because you got manners and they ain't!

Mr. Brownlow: [referring to Bill Sikes] Who is this man?
Nancy: No, I won't tell ya! Whatever else I do I won't turn on him. You wouldn't understand, but I've got to go back. I want to go back.

Nancy: [singing] Who cares if straightlaces sneer at us in the street? Fine airs and fine graces don't have to sin to eat.

Mr. Brownlow: Wait! Is the boy hurt, ill-treated? If so, I shall...
Nancy: [referring to Bill Sikes] I can't say no more, PLEASE! He'll kill me as it is if he finds out!

Oliver Twist (1948)
Nancy: [about Oliver] I thieved for you when I was a child not half his age, and I've thieved for you ever since, don't you know it!
Fagin: And if you have, it is your living!
Nancy: Aye, it is. It is my living. And you're the wretch that drove me to them long ago, and that'll keep me there, day and night, day and night, DAY AND NIGHT!

Nancy: I will not turn on the others because, bad as they are, they never turned on me.

Nancy: He'll blow on us Fagin, for certain.

Nancy: Let him be or I'll put that mark on you that'll send me to the gallows before me time.

Oliver Twist (2005)
Nancy: But tonight he's a thief, and a liar, and all that's bad. Ain't that enough for the old wretch, without blows?

Twist (2003)
Dodge: Everything all right?
Nancy: What would you do if it wasn't?

"Dickensian: Episode #1.4" (2015)
Nancy: You pin this on Bill to get an easy result, you'll be missing the real felon.
Inspector Bucket: I'm not pinning anything on anyone - that is not my way. I just want the truth. You can trust me.
[Nancy looks away]
Inspector Bucket: You don't believe me?
Nancy: Marley dies, and here's you with your books and your maps and your questions, but girls like me are found dead every day and who cares? I've no cause to believe or trust the law.
Inspector Bucket: I'm gonna be the one to change that, miss.

Oliver Twist (1922/I)
Rose Maylie: I must tell Mr. Brownlow. Where can we find you?
Nancy: I will walk every night on London Bridge.