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Rudi Gunn (Character)
from Sahara (2005)

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Sahara (2005)
Rudi Gunn: [Dirk wants Al to pull a "Panama"] What's a Panama?
Al Giordino: It's a Navy thing.
Rudi Gunn: I didn't know you were in Panama.
Al Giordino: We weren't in Panama, we were in Nicaragua.
Rudi Gunn: So why do you call it a Panama?
Al Giordino: Because we thought we were in Panama!

Rudi Gunn: [answers the phone] Uh... Hello, Admiral, you still there? I shot a guy with a flare gun.
Admiral James Sandecker: [on the phone] What? You shot a guy with a flare gun? Who?
[no answer]

Admiral James Sandecker: [sees Rudi on a couch] Rudi?
Rudi Gunn: [sits up] Admiral, I have news about your boat. Boom.
[makes a hand gesture that implies blowing up]

Rudi Gunn: [after they pulled a Panama] Is that how it worked the first time?
Dirk Pitt: Well, it didn't really work the first time.

Rudi Gunn: But I was hoping to meet a girl on the Australian trip!
Al Giordino: No, African war zone; ship of death!